Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue 9, 1 March 2018 | Page 2

यो मामजमनािदच वेित्त लोकमहेश्वरम् । असम्मूढः स मत्येर्ष ु सवर्पापैः प्रमुच्यते ॥ 10.3 ॥ The seeker who come to realize that, I am unborn, unlimited, forever and Infinite; becomes free from all karmasII10.3II Srimad bhagvatgeeta: Chapter 10 Verse 3 From The Desk When stars move and time goes by, we think of beginning. We all like to go back time-to-time But not this time, this time I offer you to go ahead and lets take this road the other way round……. Let’s go to the End End…… Where we have finished everything and ready to leave. Imagine ….we know we are at the last day of our life and Now begin. Begin from where we are right now, Lets see what all have we accomplished by then who are those people we want around us . What have we done in terms of our life , our societyour career and our relationships. How and where we see ourselves. Let’s create a complete plan. Which begins from the perspective of our last day on earth. What and Where o we want ourselves . Lets design it and decorate our blueprint what do we want to create in terms of this scene called life on this planet. So what are we waiting, we are a creator lets begin. One caution: Make what YOU WANT!!! Be Specific. “Don’t wants” won’t work J Think about YOU, centre point is you……. No negativity towards others or negative thoughts will bring negetive result. This Map can be many thing: its not just a clarity map but it’s a correction map too since now we know our goals we can start correction in our ways now. Its our Life driving map yes with plenty of freedom to deviate. Cause with every improvement our last day