Hazleton Area Business Citizen Feb. 2014 | Page 9

Promoting a free market in the Greater Hazleton Area and go into different avenues. So we do nails, we do make-up, we do everything. We’re a full service salon. HABC: We’ve talked about a number of aspects of your business – your education, your clientele, what it takes to keep going in business. All these things are part of what could be broadly called a “free market.” What does that phrase – “the free market” mean to you? Donna Delehanty: If you would have asked me that question ten years ago, I would have been a lot more optimistic. Of course I believe in the free market. I have been able to own my own business for several years, build it, grow it, live it, and live off it. I think the free market now has a lot of stumbling blocks compared to when I started my business; the market was open to more individuals. The market is not that way now. I think a free market is open to ideas. Everything costs and today those costs are so great that even if you have a spectacular idea the costs can really inhibit. There is such great overhead – health insurance, permits, taxes. If these things aren’t realized than you won’t even be able to begin. HABC: Compared to ѡ