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Health , Abundance , Purpose , Inspiration , Resources Dr . Lauri J . Shainsky
Lauri Shainsky ’ s personal mission is to serve people and the earth through transformative experiences with Sound , Spirit , and Nature . As a Shamanic Sound Healer , Lauri helps people use Spirit-guided intentional sound to bring about more vibrant health and fulfilling creative manifestation . Her potent sessions provide nourishment and healing of the soul , the body , the mind , divine guidance for sustainable change and an infusion of vitality . Lauri ’ s shamanic healing practices are uniquely empowered with vocal sound , singing bowls and other sound healing instruments . Her courses are always intimate , participant- and spirit-directed , and guide people to rediscover their powerful , healed self , and their creative manifesting voice . Lauri incorporates nature and soul constellations as an integral part of exploring the soul and it ’ s ecosystem . Invite nourishing sound into your life : www . shamanicsoundhealing . com www . soundcloud . com / redstonesong www . cdbaby . com / Artist / LauriJShainsky www . shamanicheart . wordpress . com 503-939-7174
Health , Resources
JoyRae Freeman
Joyrae is a Master Healer ( Divine Light healing gift activation direct from Source in 1996 ), Angel Messenger , Soul Coach , Empowerment Coach ( Certified Hypnotherapy NLP ), writer , radio producer , workshop-retreat producer / facilitator , business consultant and co-creator of a better world . After practicing medical qigong for years and after receiving the powerful electromagnet healing gift - JoyRae created the term and the workshop Reikigong™ and conducts workshops . She believes that the world needs more healers , whole and empowered citizens - to offset the negligence of the mainstream medical world AND to raise the vibration of the planet . JoyRae especially enjoys being “ The Healers ’ Healer ” - providing loving , skilled support for other healers , who don ’ t know where to turn , but often need a trusted mentor and ego-less sage healer-coach . Her practice includes worldwide distance healing and coaching sessions - expos and holistic fairs , speaking , workshops / retreats and private sessions in Oregon , Washington and Montana . http :// joy2u . org 503-303-8446 healing @ joy2u . org
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PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Health, Abundance, Purpose, Inspiration, Resources Dr. Lauri J. Shainsky Lauri Shainsky’s personal mission is to serve people and the earth through transforma- tive experiences with Sound, Spirit, and Nature. As a Shamanic Sound Healer, Lauri helps people use Spirit-guided intentional sound to bring about ��&Rf�'&�B�V�F��BgV�Цf��Ɩ�r7&VF�fR��fW7FF�����W"�FV�B6W76���2&�f�FR��W&�6��V�B�B�VƖ�r�`�F�R6�V��F�R&�G��F�R֖�B�F�f��RwV�F�6Rf�"7W7F��&�R6��vR�B���gW6����`�f�FƗG���W&�( �26���2�VƖ�r&7F�6W2&RV�VVǒV��vW&VBv�F�f�6�6�V�B��6��v��r&�v�2�B�F�W"6�V�B�VƖ�r��7G'V�V�G2��W"6�W'6W2&R�v�2��F��FR��'F�6��B��B7�&�B�F�&V7FVB��BwV�FRV��RF�&VF�66�fW"F�V�"�vW&gV���V�V@�6V�b��BF�V�"7&VF�fR��fW7F��rf��6R��W&���6�'�&FW2�GW&R�B6�V�6��7FV��F���22���FVw&��'B�bW���&��rF�R6�V��B�N( �2V6�7�7FV����f�FR��W&�6���r6�V�B��F���W"ƖfS��wwr�6���76�V�F�VƖ�r�6�Чwwr�6�V�F6��VB�6���&VG7F��W6��p�wwr�6F&'��6���'F�7B��W&��6���6���wwr�6���6�V'B�v�&G&W72�6�УS2ӓ3��ss@��V�F��&W6�W&6W0����&Rg&VV�द��&R�2�7FW"�V�W"�F�f��RƖv�B�VƖ�rv�gB7F�fF���F�&V7Bg&��6�W&6R����b����vV��W76V�vW"�6�V�6�6��V��vW&�V�B6�6��6W'F�f�VB����F�W&�����w&�FW"��&F��&�GV6W"�v�&�6���&WG&VB&�GV6W"�f6�ƗFF�"�'W6��W726��7V�F�B�B6��7&VF� ��b&WGFW"v�&�B�gFW"&7F�6��r�VF�6��v��rf�"�V'2�BgFW"&V6V�f��rF�R�vW&gV�V�V7G&��v�WB�VƖ�rv�gBФ���&R7&VFVBF�RFW&��BF�Rv�&�6��&V���v��~(J"�B6��GV7G2v�&�6��2�6�R&VƖWfW2F�BF�P�v�&�B�VVG2��&R�V�W'2�v���R�BV��vW&VB6�F��V�2�F��fg6WBF�R�VvƖvV�6R�bF�R���7G&VЦ�VF�6�v�&�B�BF�&�6RF�Rf�'&F����bF�R��WB����&RW7V6��ǒV���2&RЦ��r( �F�R�V�W'>( ��V�W.( ��&�f�F��r��f��r�6����VB7W�'Bf�"�F�W"�V�W'2�v��F��( �@����rv�W&RF�GW&��'WB�gFV��VVBG'W7FVB�V�F�"�BVv���W726vR�V�W"�6�6�आW"&7F�6R��6�VFW2v�&�Gv�FRF�7F�6R�VƖ�r�B6�6���r6W76���2�W��2�B��ЦƗ7F�2f�'2�7V���r�v�&�6��2�&WG&VG2�B&�fFR6W76���2���&Vv���v6���wF���@����F�ইGG������'R��&rS2�32ӃCCb�VƖ�t���'R��&p�S"���wV�FP