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Health, Purpose, Inspiration Cherry Divine During a reiki class in the year 2000 Cherry had a life-altering awakening.  This expe- rience changed not only her understanding of life, but the course of her life was also redirected when she connected to her Ancient Self.  Cherry is a clear channel for a group that chooses to be referred to only as ‘A Consciousness of Love’.  Through this connection Cherry brings answers to your questions, insights into your life, wisdom that assist you on your path, messages from loved ones that have crossed and the gentle reminders of personal empowerment.    As in many channeled writings, Wisdom of the Ancients is infused with energy that assists in life transformation.  Each person’s response to the writings is as unique and individual as they are. Contact information: http://www.cherrydivine.com [email protected] Abundance, Purpose, Inspiration Fran Fisher Master Certified Coach Fran Fisher’s passion is empowering individuals, teams, and or- ganizations for realizing their highest visions. She believes that profound and long-last- ing success, satisfaction, and fulfillment comes from being true to the essence of who you are. Fran helps leaders access and leverage their innate nature, so they break- through to new levels of productivity, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. Fran founded the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first schools accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is recognized international- ly as a pioneer of the coaching profession. Fran is the creator of Living Your Vision®, a transformational process for learning to live in greater alignment with who you are at your essence. She works with entrepreneurs, executives, and collaborative work teams, as well as providing coaching skills training and mentoring for leaders, managers, and professional coaches. To contact Fran, call 425-401-1374 or email [email protected], or visit www. franfishercoach.com Purpose, Inspiration Francesca Thoman Francesca is a Certified Consultant through the Akashic Knowing School of Wis- dom.  Reach out to her to have your Akashic Records read by appointment. Please visit her website to learn more: YourAkashicWisdom.com An author of five visionary books, published by Empowered Whole Being Press, Francesca’s titles range from de- lightful children’s books to powerful channeled information from Nikola Tesla.   As an accomplished Channel, Francesca is able to communicate with many persons and entities, from high-level, benevolent ET’s to Nikola Tesla. Ordained in the Temple of Isis in 2000, she also works with a group of high angels to translate many powerful light-language prayers. Contact Francesca at [email protected]. Explore her titles by visiting these websites: Children’s Books - FrancescaThoman.com; Tesla Books - nikolateslaafterlife- conversations.com. 53 | HAPI Guide