HAPI Guide Summer 2017 | Page 9

HEALTH to ourselves -- to the yearnings and callings of our souls and our hearts. These are the sounds that move us towards the healed states we seek. S ynergy of Techniques in Shamanism, soul retrieval brings the body-mind-spirit back on line in a potent way, with deep blessings of vital- ity, new power animals to help guide you in life, new ways of seeing and being in the world. A big shift in your trajectory may unfold. Sound Healing, Family Constellations Many kinds of ceremonies and techniques in- terweave to bring about the results we seek. We might begin with a Family Constellation to un- cover hidden patterns, beliefs, thoughtforms, hindrances in your family soul that are contribut- ing to your current energy configuration that you desire to shift. A song or some sound may be sent back through our lineage to open the doorway to support for your path. When we begin, there is always, always mystery honored. And a reliance on the spirits to know what is needed. No set template, simply a loving field of trust that the spirits and the sounds they bring through me and my instruments will leave you in a more uplifted healthy state than when we began. The mind and the soul and the heart tended as equals, sounds interpenetrate all inten- tionally, spirit-guided, sweetly holding you in the divine light that you are made of. Or, we might begin with an extractive trip around the medicine wheel of your life, to help remove dense energies and thought forms with sound for each of the 4 directions. Perhaps a spirit release or curse unravelling may be called for by the spirits, all richly driven and sealed with sound and song. We make ready our soul’s home for new power and wisdom. Soul essence sung into you during a We visualize and imagine that the universe is be- nevolent and that our divine helpers are orches- trating our wildest dreams out ahead of us on our path. Sound made by you and/or by me is like the wind in the sails that launches those visualized intentions and with the spirits help set into mo- tion manifestation of these intentions, those visu- alizations. Sound is changing matter and energy, 9 | HAPI Guide