Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 39 No 2 - Spring 2015 | Page 19

North Gulf Fishing Forecast NORTH GULF Tide Tables APRIL 2015 DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH WED O 05:10am 07:00am Weak 1 I 12:50pm 02:10pm Very Weak I 06:30pm 08:20pm Weak EARLY MORN, EARLY AFT’N BEST THU O 06:45am 08:15am Very Weak 2 I 07:40pm 09:10pm Very Weak EARLY MORN BEST FRI O 09:15am 10:35am Very Weak 3 O 03:50pm 05:10pm Very Weak I 08:50pm 10:00pm Very Weak LATE MORN, MID AFT’N BEST SAT I 03:05am 04:35am Very Weak 4 O 11:05am 12:15pm Very Weak O 04:10pm 06:00pm Weak LATE MORN BEST SUN I 03:50am 05:50am Weak 5 O 04:35pm 07:15pm Moderate LATE AFT’N BEST MON I 04:30am 07:10am Moderate 6 O 05:00pm 08:20pm Good EALRY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST TUE I 05:10am 08:30am Good 7 O 05:25pm 09:25pm Good EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST WED I 05:50am 09:50am Good 8 O 06:00pm 10:20pm Good MORNING BEST THU I 06:45am 11:05am Good 9 O 06:45pm 11:25pm Strong MORNING BEST FRI I 07:30am 12:10pm Strong 10 O 07:35pm 12:15am Strong MORNING BEST SAT I 08:20am 01:00pm Strong 11 O 08:45pm 01:05am Good MID MORN TO EARLY AFT’N BEST SUN I 09:25am 01:45pm Good 12 O 10:05pm 02:05am Good MID MORN TO EARLY AFT’N BEST MON I 10:40am 02:20pm Good 13 LATE MORN, EARLY AFT’N BEST TUE O 12:05am 03:05am Moderate 14 I 12:15pm 02:35pm Moderate EARLY AFT’N BEST WED O 02:45am 04:35am Weak 15 I 02:30pm 03:50pm Very Weak I 06:00pm 07:20pm Very Weak MID AFT’N BEST CURRENT MOVEMENT DAY DIR STARTS ENDS STRENGTH THU O 04:50am 06:00am Very Weak 16 O 10:15am 11:25am Very Weak EARLY, LATE MORN BEST FRI I 01:05am 02:35am Very Weak 17 O 02:35pm 04:25pm Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST SAT I 01:50am 04:10am Moderate 18 O 02:55pm 05:55pm Moderate LATE AFTERNOON BEST SUN I 02:10am 05:50am Good 19 O 03:10pm 07:10pm Good LATE AFTERNOON BEST MON I 02:50am 07:10am Good 20 O 03:40pm 08:20pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST TUE I 03:45am 08:05am Good 21 O 04:20pm 09:00pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST WED I 04:30am 08:50am Good 22 O 05:00pm 09:40pm Strong EARLY MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST THU I 05:20am 09:40am Good 23 O 05:45pm 10:05pm Good MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST FRI I 06:06am 10:06am Good 24 O 06:25pm 10:25pm Good MORNING BEST SAT I 07:15am 10:35am Good 25 O 07:15pm 10:35pm Good MORNING BEST SUN I 08:15am 10:55am Moderate 26 O 08:05pm 10:45pm Moderate MID MORNING BEST MON O 01:45am 03:25am Weak 27 I 09:10am 11:10am Weak I 03:30pm 04:50pm Very Weak O 08:55pm 10:45pm Weak LATE MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST TUE O 03:00am 04:20am Very Weak 28 I 10:05am 11:35am Very Weak I 04:55pm 06:05pm Very Weak LATE MORN, LATE AFT’N BEST WED 29 EARLY MORNING BEST THU I 01:25am 02:35am Very Weak 30 O 02:15pm 03:45pm Very Weak MID AFTERNOON BEST DAY TIDE TIME HT-FT WED Lo 06:01am 1 Hi 12:53pm Lo 04:58pm Hi 11:03pm THU Lo 05:49am 2 Hi 12:06pm Lo 06:23pm FRI Hi 12:23am 3 Lo 05:22am Hi 11:51am Lo 07:23pm SAT Hi 02:14am 4 Lo 04:19am Hi 11:52am Lo 08:16pm SUN Hi 12:04pm 5 Lo 09:07pm MON Hi 12:25pm 6 Lo 10:04pm TUE Hi 12:55pm 7 Lo 11:10pm WED Hi 01:33pm 8 THU Lo 12:26am 9 Hi 02:19pm FRI Lo 01:42am 10 Hi 03:14pm SAT Lo 02:48am 11 Hi 04:16pm SUN Lo 03:43am 12 Hi 05:31pm MON Lo 04:28am 13 Hi 06:59pm TUE Lo 05:04am 14 Hi 08:40pm WED Lo 05:28am 15 Hi 12:38pm Lo 03:39pm Hi 10:31pm THU Lo 05:30am 16 Hi 11:15am Lo 05:44pm FRI Hi 12:43am 17 Lo 04:50am Hi 10:53am Lo 07:05pm SAT Hi 11:01am 18 Lo 08:15pm SUN Hi 11:25am 19 Lo 09:23pm MON Hi 12:00pm 20 Lo 10:32pm TUE Hi 12:41pm 21 Lo 11:43pm WED Hi 01:26pm 22 THU Lo 12:52am 23 Hi 02:12pm FRI Lo 01:53am 24 Hi 02:59pm SAT Lo 02:41am 25 Hi 03:45pm SUN Lo 03:15am 26 Hi 04:30pm MON Lo 03:36am 27 Hi 05:18pm TUE Lo 03:42am 28 Hi 12:22pm WED Lo 03:32am 29 Hi 11:04am Lo 06:08pm Hi 09:59pm THU Lo 02:59am 30 Hi 10:35am Lo 06:45pm 0.3 0.6 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.7 0.4 0.6 0.5 0.8 0.3 0.5 0.5 0.9 0.2 1.0 0.1 1.1 0.0 1.2 0.0 1.3 -0.1 1.3 -0.1 1.4 -0.2 1.3 -0.2 1.3 -0.1 1.2 0.0 1.0 0.2 0.6 0.6 0.9 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.7 0.7 0.9 0.2 1.1 0.0 1.3 -0.1 1.4 -0.2 1.5 -0.2 1.5 -0.2 1.4 -0.1 1.3 0.0 1.2 0.1 1.1 0.2 0.9 0.3 0.8 0.4 0.8 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.9 0.4 (Continued from page 18.) scattered cover or where submerged grass doesn’t quite reach the surface, cast to a likely spot and let the frog remain briefly motionless. It should start to sink. Let it twitch on the surface and then sink a foot or two into the pocket. As the frog slowly sinks, its appendages quiver, driving redfish nuts. Then, pull it a couple feet and let it rest again. Quite often, redfish gulp frogs as they fall, or attack them as they head back toward the surface. In thicker cover, “crawl” the frog over matted grass and let it sit still a few seconds before dropping off the edge into another pocket. Sometimes, redfish follow the morsel waiting for a chance to strike. When the f ɽ