Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 39 No 2 - Spring 2015 | Page 18

Froggin’ Reds (Continued from page 7.) with a 3/0 to 5/0 wide gap hook barely inserted into the body or concealed in a special slot. With the hook points protected by plastic, these frogs can go through the thickest vegetation. On windy days, some anglers add a split-shot or two to the line above the frog to help with casting. Anglers can also rig frogs with keel-weighted hooks to add extra heft. Weighted frogs typically work best in open water or patchy vegetation where anglers need to make really long casts. Hold the rod tip high to keep the bait on top. “I really enjoy the versatility of frogs,” Gallo said. “I can run a frog across the surface like a topwater bait or let it sink to the bottom. I’ve even fished frogs under popping corks in the grass when the water is high. Since, it’s weedless, it’s the perfect bait to use in thick grass. That’s where the bait hides.” Anglers can fish frogs in several ways. Some anglers burn them across the surface with a steady retrieve like working conventional buzzbaits. Hold the rod tip high and crank the reel enough to make the legs and feet sputter across the surface. Others pull the bait across the surface in quick hops, an excellent tactic when targeting aggressive fish. “An angler can fish a frog every kind of way,” explained Steve Niemoeller with CFL Fishing Charter Service, (800-5070058, who guides in various places in Florida. “Sometimes, I throw it out and buzz it right across the top as fast as I want. Sometimes, when we see redfish chasing it, we slow it down or stop it and then hang on for the bite! If a redfish wants a lure bad enough, it will catch it.” In extremely thick weeds, a steady surface buzzing retrieve not only elicits strikes, but creates a great way to search for redfish. Even if a fish doesn’t explode on the bait, it might give away its position. Then, anglers can follow up with other baits. “One time, I saw a redfish within casting range,” Gallo recalled. “The other angler with me cast behind it and brought the frog steadily toward it. I could see the redfish lower himself in the water so it could tilt its head upward and look behind him because it could hear the lure coming. A Stanley Ribbit frog puts off great vibrations. The redfish waited for the frog to pass over it and then attacked it from behind.” Anglers can also use the “pop and drop” method with sinking frogs. In N O R T H G U L F S t. J o s e p h P o i n t, FL to S h i p S h o a l L i g h t, LA Wells Fishing Forecast Adjustment Times St. Joseph Point Panama City Destin/East Pass Pensacola Bay Entrance Alabama Point Mobile Point Horn Island Pass Pascagoula Pass Chandeleur Light -:60 -1.20 -:40 -:30 -:20 -:15 Same -:10 -:15 Long Point/Lake Borgne Bay St. Louis Rigolets South Pass/Delta Empire Jetty Barataria Pass Cat Island Pass Pointe Au Fer Isle +:20 +:20 +:35 +:20 +:45 +:55 .+1:10 To adjust for your fishing area, add (+) or subtract (-) hours and minutes shown above for the area you plan to fish from the Forecast time. No attempt should be made to compare the time of high or low tide, shown below, to the times of current presented in the Wells Fishing Forecast. Tide Table Adjustment Times HIGH LOW Port St. Joe -0:24 -0:51 St. Andrew Bay Channel -1:31 -2:02 Panama City -0:43 -0:44 Parker -0:05 -0:22 Laird Bayou, E. Bay +0:26 +0:40 Farmdale, E. Bay +0:35 +0:55 Wetappo Crk, E. Bay +1:01 +1:40 Lynn Haven, N. Bay -0:06 +0:20 West Bay Crk, W. Bay +0:18 +1:23 Choctawhatchee Bay East Pass (Destin) -0:27 +1:20 Harris, The Narrows +1:37 +2:51 Fishing Bend,SantaRosa+0:41 +0:51 Pensacola Bay Entrance -1:23 -0:34 Warrington, 2 mi. S. of -0:27 -0:30 PENSACOLA Times Shown Lora Pt., Escambia Bay +0:36 +1:03 East Bay +0:44 +1:17 Bay Point, Blackwater .+1:23 +1:27 Milton, Blackwater R. +1:40 +1:47 Mobile Point +0:26 +0:12 Bayou La Batre -1:17 -1:04 Horn Island Pass -0:31 -0:53 Pascagoula, MS Sound -0:40 -0:46 Pascagoula River entr. 0:00 -0:42 Biloxi, Biloxi Bay -0:32 -0:20 Ship Island Pass -0:42 -0:30 Cat Island (West Pt.) -0:44 +0:07 HIGH LOW Bay St