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ENTHUSIASM Seven Things That Ruin My Enthusiasm BY: RICK HOLBROOK DEAR BOSS: You’ve been talking a lot about why you want us employees to be highly engaged. Likewise, you’ve received many suggestions on what you could start doing. Believe me, I want to be enthusiastic about coming to work. However, rather than start something new, why don’t you stop doing what isn’t working? Here are seven things you could stop doing that are ruining our culture: 1. STOP DICTATING TO ME/DECIDING FOR ME. I’m a competent, committed employee who wants to have a positive impact on the company and grow my career here. I hate waiting for you to make every decision. It slows us down. Rather than waiting for you to tell me what to do, let’s set up some ground rules around when I need to come to you and what decisions I can make myself. That’ll help me become more valuable more quickly. 2. STOP GIVING ME CRAPPY WORK WHILE KEEPING THE INTERESTING WORK FOR YOURSELF. I accept that I have some things to learn and that you’re more experienced than I am, but why not give me a stretch assignment that will enable me to learn some new skills and be a stronger contributor to the company? This will make things more interesting for me and free you to do more important things. 3. STOP IGNORING MY SUGGESTIONS ON WAYS TO IMPROVE OUR WORK. I want to feel I’m in on things, involved and contributing so I offer suggestions that I believe will improve us. I’d appreciate some feedback on these ideas or at least acknowledgement of them. It feels like I’m sending out messages that no one is bothering to read. I’m afraid you’ll miss my occasional good idea! 4. STOP TAKING MY GOOD WORK FOR GRANTED. I don’t feel appreciated and recognized here. R ecognition and appreciation are at the top of the list of things we employees want from management. Unfortunately, at this company they seem to rank at the bottom of the list. This is too bad because recognition and appreciation, when genuine, are very motivating and they’re free. 5. STOP TREATING ME LIKE A MUSHROOM. I read the newspapers, know the economy isn’t great and see we’re not as busy as we were. Why can’t you just be straightforward about our prospects? Since you don’t tell us anything, we waste a lot of time speculating on everything. And for that matter how about some feedback on my performance also? Not letting me know your view of my performance leaves me in the dark as to how I’m doing and what I should do differently. 6. STOP HIRING AND PROMOTING PEOPLE NOBODY LIKES. Has it ever occurred to you that some managers are only nice to you and their peers, but mean to everyone else? There are two-faced jerks here that nobody wants to work for. There’s no way they get the best effort out of their people – they’re enthusiasm killers. 7. STOP THE “NEED TO KNOW ONLY” CULTURE OF COMMUNICATION AROUND HERE: You might think that the company- strategy meeting you just attended has nothing to do with low-level direct reports like me, but you’re wrong. Everyone on our team should know where this company is going and the part they’re expected to play in helping us get there. Fix these seven things and watch our engagement soar! u FALL 2017 | 5