Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 69

Lindsey Khamphouy from Instagram
Any plans on expanding the color range?
Yes we have every intention of expanding our color range so that we have off the shelf options for every taste. We have just released Charcoal/Black and unreleased we have Burgundy which was developed for a skydive team in Dubai.
The main problem with having a colour range that is too large is stocking everything as we have eight different designs of smoke grenade (WP40, Burst, EG18 etc.) and each has up to 8 colors.
You can make your own colors by mixing the smoke; once ignited if you hold them close together.

Preston Barragan from Instagram
Will we ever produce a smoke grenade that produces multiple colors?
At the moment we do not have plans to roll this out, we have produced demos and prototypes but ultimately we think it would not be popular enough to justify the expense of putting to market.

Rstfairsoft from Instagram
Which color has the best density. I would say Purple, what do you guys think?

Before the Charcoal/Black was released purple would certainly be the densest colour that we produce. We work alongside BAM in Germany who also issue our license for European approval, these guys also have tested our products in a joint venture to test density, output and particle size by using a specialist machine that fires a lazer through the smoke to capture the data.

Jrslaterphoto from Instagram
What has been the most creative use of smoke grenades that you have seen?

We are currently working with a company where we are co-developing smoke grenades for a use that is so ‘way out’ that we are still in awe of it; we can say any details yet but it is pretty amazing. Other than this one of our favorite artists that use our smoke has to be Butch Locsin from LA who has the ultimate street style which always uses our smoke.

Chombie91 from Instagram
Do you sell both cold and hot burning smoke grenades?

Cold or cool smoke is an industry term used across the board; it is not a term we cherish and try to refrain from using it as much as possible. Usually the term hot smoke is attached to military units that have a metal body and a composition that burns intensely hot. You would not be able to hold onto a military smoke grenade during its function and certainly not for about 10 minutes after. The chances of a fire started from this type of smoke generator is much higher than one that is badged cool smoke.

The reason we try not to use the term cool smoke is because it can be confusing to the customer. All coloured smoke and most white smokes are generated by a burning composition within the casing, however with Enola Gaye smoke grenades the unique composition burns cooler and you can hold onto the product during its function.

Willparker from Instagram
Will they ever be available in Australia?

We are currently working with the authorities in Australia to have the product allowed for general use. Currently the laws in Australia do not permit this however Enola Gaye has a rich history of working with governments to allow off the shelf products for use in activities like Airsoft, Paintball and photography without license.

Martello Swasp from Facebook
How much pyro can I transport in a car without the need for signage?
Or do I need to display signage no matter how much I carry?

In the UK it would be fair to say that you could fill your car 3 times over with EG pyro and still be under the limit. For products that are 1.4S (orange diamond on the side of the outer box) there is no weight limit. For 1.4G the UK limit is 500kg NEQ (net explosive quantity which is the composition weight). That’s a lot of product……However storage is different and details of this can be found on our website.
You do not need to display stickers on the vehicle, only on the boxes.