Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 68

The paintballers, the airsofters, the urban artists, we ask the players and the users what smoke grenades they prefer


The EG 18X is my favorite because it provides thick cover over a large area in a short amount of time. To me the blue and red smoke was the best because they provide the thickest cover when trying to get out of a tight spot in order to push towards an objective.

Player Name. JJ
Team: Sandbaggers

I was a bit sceptical when Ledz suggested we use the WP40s but took a couple on the field at our first UWL series.
Forgot about them the first game but realised it may give me cover to move wide on the second. Popped the smoke on the tape and pushed WAY up the tape. Was able to sweep through the opposition, swing the flags and was hooked from that moment on. Apologies, can't fit in in forty words and could wax lyrical about your grenades. Absolutely changed my game for the better.

Player Name. Ledz
Team: Sandbaggers.

We started using the WP40’s but we wanted quicker output and more smoke… A lot more smoke… so we jumped up to the EG18X. Blanket thick coverage, ease of use and comes in an array of pretty colours, makes your enemy a little happier before you shoot them :-)

Player Name: TomO
Team: Sandbaggers

I don’t like to mess around when it comes to winning, so only the EG18X for me. I’m yet to ever have one that hasn’t instantly impressed. It’s a nice feeling to not have to worry whether the grenade will work properly or not, and be able to just get on with smoking fools! Also got to love the green version… matches my eyes ;)

Player Name: Stoney
Team: Sandbaggers

100% the EG18X. The output of Orange smoke that these little babies produce completely covers the paintball field and is worth every penny. I love the smell of smoke in the morning !!