Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 44

We see you all over Europe, do you have a favourite event or country you like to play in?

It is difficult to choose which country or game is the favourite, so we decided to cover them all. The team loves where there are spectacular and original events and action, where it’s fast paced, has pyro, explosions and original concepts. We love when it when you can roll in armoured vehicles and fly around in helicopters.

Every game has its specific originality. For example, France has loads of very cool Big Games such as Veckring, which is the biggest in Western Europe; the Citadel is the best tactical venue for CQB training; Fort-Paint, who organise the craziest scenario games, and then of course, Europaint, which has the spirit, the ambience, and… lots of WWII tanks and vehicles!

The unavoidable event of the year is Borne to Strike in North Poland at a former Top Secret Soviet base, which brings everything together including tanks, helicopters, amphibious vehicles, Jeeps, Mad Max vehicles, a music festival, and of course Polish vodka!

You guys rock a good amount of pyro in your game, how do you think it helps or is it just good fun?

When you are at Borne to Strike taking the field riding a Tank, with the opposing team shooting a large quantity of paint in your direction, them. We use a giant catapult to propel Paint Grenades and EG18 smokes to the other side of the field to surprise the opposition which helps us flank around them.

When we were playing Mag-Fed at Longmore training camp in the UK our team was cornered but all it took was an EG18 smoke grenade to unclog the situation and get everyone pushing forward fast. This also happened at the Citadel of Givet (a French special forces training camp), here we used Burst Smoke Grenades for CQB and for room clearing, it’s very efficient.

We were in Sweden at Batalj, where they recreated a field that is similar to Battlefield and Call of Duty maps, you would be amazed at its realism. We used large amount of Pyro and EG Paint grenades to capture a 50 meter high former coal mine where we could snipe and smoke up the entire field from the top. So to answer the question, using pyro in games is effective, fun and contributes to the game play and the realism.

What do you love most about paintball and playing in the team?

Covering Big Game events around Europe is so much more than just the sport itself and playing in different countries. It is all about the adventure, road trip, teamwork, encounters and intercultural exchanges. It is about the spirit of paintball that we help grow, meeting amazing people, players, teams, event organizers, referees, photographers and industry people that we become friends with.

Is there anything you don't like about the game or something you would like to change?

Since our objective is to promote paintball, we wish to convert more people to the sport and bring a sense that any type of crazy scenario is possible if you can imagine it. By covering and filming Big Game events in different environments and conditions, we wish to encourage event organizers, to bring more action into the game, like more awesome locations, incredible scenarios, real deal armoured historical vehicles and helicopters.

If there were a few things that we would like to change, it would be the improvement of barrel marker accuracy and reach, the implementation of new technologies in the game, and bringing it to the local players who we are sure, would love to discover these amazing events, teams and especially the adventure that comes with everything that is paintball.

See you soon on the field, and SMILE ! :)