Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 43

Smile Paintball Network what's the name all about and who came up with the brand ?

Most teams have a serious and cool names, so we decided to make a simple and fun sounding name : “SMILE !”. It now became our motto and symbol (special thanks to Red Bull on this, we keep the smile even after a 20 hour drive and get in the game as soon as we get there ! ).

Guillaume and Pierre (who are brothers) came up with the name one evening and the idea of a smiley face as a logo (using the stars of the European Union flag).

How many players do you have and where are you from?

We first started SMILE in December 2014 in Brussels as a 4 player team, when Jesse joined us, Melissa, Pierre and I (Guillaume). The objective is to be a representative of Europe thanks to a multi-cultural team that is at the end a European team.

Our team then increased in size after meeting many players on various paintball fields, as well as different activities outside of paintball. We are today developing a social marketplace web platform which will offer paintball industrials, event organisers and players more opportunities.

We are now a team of 10 active members which includes of course girls who are our most effective tactical assets on the field.
● Guillaume, the Captain, is from Paris ; he is one of the founding members with Melissa, Pierre and Jesse (who by the way is a guy). We are able to distinguish him on the field because of his 4 star general cap and his MagFed converted AK Tippmann X7 Phenom custom or his dual wielding Tippmann TIPXs pistols. It is thanks to his video editing skills that you can follow our activities online.
● Pierre, gunner, is from Paris as well, he is Guillaume’s younger brother. Pierre plays a part in giving remarkable cover thanks to his MagFed adapted Tippmann X7 Phenom with a boxmag.
● Melissa, who is from Normandy in France, plays the role of scout and assault. She runs Marathons and easily flanks the adversary faster than you can imagine. You can see her often with pigtails on the field and her assault Tippmann TIPX fully customized by KG-Factory with an air stock tank and innovative 3D Printed accessories.
● Jesse, who is from Brussels, plays an assault role with his custom Tippmann MagFed adapted X7 Phenom. Since he is at the same time a licensed football coach, he brought some fresh team sports tactics.
● Sebastien, who is as well from Brussels, plays as a Sniper/scout with a Tippmann TCR with a rifled 17” barrel (He can make headshots at 60 meters thanks to GI Sportz paint). He is as well our Web developer and is so quiet that you will not see him sneak up on you until it is too late.
● Chris is from a Czech family and is based 20 minutes south of Brussels, he plays with a MagFed adapted Tippmann X7 Phenom and from now on will be using a Tippmann X7 with the Maxxloader, the 2200 round backpack. You can easily distinguish him on the field, with his height and when you can’t see him you can hear his loud voice.
● Kevin, our blond guy ! He is from Brussels and plays with a Tippmann TCR assault and a Tipx. He joined SMILE because he loved the spirit of meeting players from all European countries and soon all over the world ...
● You can recognize Mathias, our Dutch speaking team member, with his TCR and especially his SMILE tactical shield, that helps us move forward in confined spaces, as a unit.

The others, who also use Tippmann TCRs, Marine, Jim, Peter and Benjamin, joined our team recently and bring additional tactical skills and love using Enola Gaye Smoke grenades to push the line forward.