Green Child Magazine Summer2017 | Page 7

is full of vitamins and minerals. However, many people are surprised to find broccoli is a great source of fiber. A diet high in fiber aids in digestive function and can help you feel full for a longer period after eating. dark chocolate Dark chocolate has many of the same ben- eficial qualities as coffee. Chocolate is de- rived from cocoa beans, which are known for having high levels of antioxidants. Dark chocolate is an excellent source of free- radical fighting polyphenols and flavanols. Flavanols have also been shown to relax ar- teries and lower blood pressure. The higher the cocoa percentage is the more beneficial nutrients each bite will contain. raw organic almonds Many nuts provide a variety of health bene- fits, but almonds are a true superfood. Be- tween high amounts of fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium and healthy unsaturated fats, almonds are an extremely nutrient-dense food. Health studies have shown eating almonds can lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels. The healthiest option is raw, unsalted, organic almonds. Avoid almonds that have been heavily salted or coated in a sugars. quinoa Despite what some fad diets try to lead people to believe, complex carbohydrates can be very beneficial for the body. Quinoa is considered a wheat-free supergrain that delivers a healthy dose of complex carbs, plus a whole lot more. This cousin of cous- cous contains significant amounts of pro- tein, fiber, iron, lysine, and magnesium. It’s quickly become a diet staple for vegetarians that don’t get these nutrients from meat. sumac Sumac, a Middle Eastern spice, is the su- perfood most people have never heard of. Based on ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorb- ance Capacity), a formula for measuring an- tioxidant content, sumac is the superfood of all superfoods. It weighs in at an astounding 312,400 antioxidants per 100 grams. Used around the world for its healing properties, Sumac is anti-aging, anti-fungal, antioxi- dant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. 7