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PCO Accreditation Requirements  Letter of appointment/designation as PCO of the establishment;  Designated PCO’s Curriculum vitae with ID Picture;  Notarized Affidavit of Joint Undertaking of the PCO and the Managing Head;  Proof of the Appointee’s Qualification such as Certificate of Training of Basic PCO Training; and  For Category B Establishments, include valid PRC license, if applicable. Requirements should be submitted to the corresponding EMB Regional Office where your establishment is located. What happens if my PCO resigns? In the event that your PCO resigns or is terminated, the managing head of the establishment shall appoint or designate a new PCO. While waiting for the new PCO’s accreditation, the managing head shall immediately assume the responsibilities as interim PCO. If the managing head is of foreign nationality, the next highest ranking Filipino officer shall assume the responsibilities of the PCO. Where can I train for PCO Accreditation? Only EMB Recognized Training Institutes are allowed to hold trainings for PCO Accreditation. You may train in any EMB Recognized Training Institutes at your discretion. To view the list, you may click here. When can I train for PCO Accreditation? For PCO Training Schedule, you may click here to view the 2016 Schedule. © 2016 EMB ECAC All Rights Reserved GREEN ADVOCATE SEPTEMBER 2016 | 7