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St. Scholastica’s College Sought Technical Assistance on Environmental Compliance As part of the DENREnvironmental Management Bureau’s continuous efforts to improve Philippine industries’ environmental compliance, its arm, the Environmental Compliance Assistance Center (ECAC) extends its assistance to the educational sector. Last July 12, 2016, the St. Scholastica’s College of Manila visited the ECAC to seek familiarization with the technical details of environmental compliance. “We know that we needed to comply with environmental laws, rules, and regulations but we don’t know where to start,” Sr. M. Roselita Geronimo, OSB said. Along with Ms. Mary Anne Bomles and Ms. Edna Zablan, they shared their difficulties in the lack of awareness when it comes to environmental compliance. St. Scholastica College of Manila was established in 1906 and managed by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing who also believes in the core value of integrity of creation. Ms. Grace Madelar, head of EMB’s ECAC moderated the discussion, starting with the basic run down of existing environmental policies. The core of environmental compliance is arming an institution or industry with technical knowledge of the laws, therefore, ECAC always reiterates the importance of having a Pollution Control Officer (PCO). Not only is it mandatory, but having one already gives them a head start with their compliance. Also discussed are PCO requirements and their roles. Learning materials such as Self-Monitoring Report sample, ECAC brochures, and pamphlets were also distributed. The discussion also included a possibility of ECAC tying up with other St. Scholastica Colleges and down the line, other universities as well that need technical assistance regarding their environmental compliance. The assistance ECAC offers is not limited to LGUs and MSMEs but to other sectors as well. The aim of our office is to improve various industries’ environmental compliance in accordance to the Philippines’ environmental laws, rules, and regulations. © 2016 EMB ECAC All Rights Reserved GREEN ADVOCATE SEPTEMBER 2016 | 8