Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 8

Player At the heart of the Talent Development Framework is the Player, and should be the central focus in the creation of effective development environments. The Player refers to the individual athlete and the personal (physiological, psychological, social and emotional) qualities required to achieve the End in Mind characteristics and deliver when it matters – both on and off the pitch. Great Britain Hockey has identified nine interacting and connected qualities that sit at the heart of a player’s hockey DNA, and vital for a GB Hockey ‘Player’ to achieve the End in Mind. As a result of this interaction and relationship, the qualities of the Player are not seen as a series of separate or discrete silos but intimately connected, where developments in each quality will not only influence the other in various ways but will also impact what the player can get from and give to the other two pillars of the TDF – the Environment and the Game. Hockey Hub For access to more content and support linked to Player, please click here. 8