Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 11

Able to cope with pressure** Player is able to demonstrate a range of mental qualities and techniques consistent with elite performance at the required moment. Self-regulation: The player has effective emotional control and behavioural regulation skills and is able to employ these under pressure in order to perform to their potential (e.g. achieving optimal arousal or being in the ‘zone’). Focus: The player is able to minimise internal and external ‘noise’ in order to establish, maintain and regain focus. They demonstrate appropriate attention and concentration, at the required time, in order to execute their skills. Decision-making: The player is not ‘overthinking’ or ‘under- thinking’ prior to action. They demonstrate ‘sporting intelligence’ and make effective decisions through good tactical knowledge, awareness, anticipation and processing speed. Flexibility: The player is able to adapt in the moment to and deal effectively with changing situations, challenges, or setbacks. They are able to ‘let go’, adapt their game plan, or be creative according to the demands of the situation. Self-aware learners** Player is able to demonstrate good self-awareness, realistically reflect on own performance, engage in purposeful practice, and access appropriate support from others to master skills in increasingly challenging training and competition situations. Self-awareness: The player is able to demonstrate a good awareness of their own strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations, emotions and learning preferences. They are able to use this awareness to realistically evaluate their own performance and development. Resilience: The player is able to manage change and deal appropriately with setbacks, challenges or adversity in their development. They have a positive sense of self-worth, effective problem solving skills, and ability to self-soothe. They also have access to a number of positive relationships and are able to appropriately seek support or be regulated by others. 11