Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 10

Intelligent Trainers* Player can effectively adapt, manage and optimise physical preparation and recovery to meet specific performance needs when away from the GB/ HC environment. Physical preparation: Player can demonstrate extended ‘warm ups’ to develop game specific movement skills and robustness, with increasingly less guidance and direction.. Recovery: Player can consistently and independently develop and apply meaningful recovery strategies to optimally recover from training and competition. Self-Managers Player is able demonstrate resourcefulness in managing time and tasks, and in balancing hockey life and home life. Well-being: The player can self-regulate and maintain an optimal state of physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. Sleep, rest & nutrition: Player is able independently make good choices with respect to sleep and rest, and as to what, when and how much to eat. They are able to adjust their energy, nutrition and lifestyle for optimal health. Off field development: The player appreciates the value of developing professional and personal skills outside of hockey. Motivated and Driven** Player is clear on what they want to do, how to do it, and is prepared to do what it takes. Motivation: The player has a clear ambition, higher purpose or goal that is ultimately tied to performance and ‘being the best they can be’. They are passionate about achieving their desired goal and demonstrate appropriate commitment, optimism and self-belief. Drive: The player is sufficiently conscientious, has a strong work ethic and values, knows what it takes to succeed and is prepared to do what it takes. They demonstrate persistence in achieving their goals despite obstacles over an extended period of time. Direction: The player has clear long and short-term goals/ objectives with a detailed plan of how these will be achieved in order to maintain perspective, stay on track, and fulfil their ambition. 10