Grassroots Grassroots - Vol 19 No 2 | Page 2

Inthisissue 08 11 Herbivores and plant diversity Tradescantia tip beetle control agent Photo competition winners 27 Little dragons pollinate the mysterious “Hidden Flower” 03 06 13 15 19 21 01 23 Is bamboo the answer to South Africa’s wood fuel crisis? Are planted pastures receiving too much nitrogen? New technologies could help keep better track of Serengeti wildebeest herds South African wonder plant removes more CO 2 than Amazon Measuring total evaporation in SAEON’s Cathedral Peak research catchments Scientists split on SA’s winter and summer rainfall zones 22 24 29 31 32 33 Conservationists clash over ways forward 17 Long-term monitoring expands our knowl- edge of the Succulent Karoo Utilising invasive cacti as processed live- stock feed and as a means of control First commercial floating solar farm in Africa Grassland restoration – rethinking planting methods and seed mix selection Grass patch heights supporting herbivores GSSA Awards Grassroots 34 Vol 19 Upcoming Events No 2 May 2019