Grand Challenges lecture series ILAS 2016-2017 - Page 4

GRAND CHALLENGES PLASTISPHERE: THE INTERDISCIPLINARY CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORM THE SOCIAL LIFE OF PLASTIC DR DEIRDRE MCKAY 2 NOVEMBER 2016 | 6.30PM-7.30PM KEELE HALL | THE SALVIN ROOM We tend to consider plastics to be cheap and disposable, almost already the garbage they will likely become. Thus our challenge is to think of plastics differently. It’s not just stuff but substances inscribed with cultural meanings. Plastic raises material, global and social questions. Deirdre McKay will explore how our interactions with these materials shape the ways we feel and think about ourselves in the ‘plastisphere’ we now inhabit. Dr Deirdre McKay is Senior Lecturer in Social Geography and Environmental Politics at Keele University. Her research draws on both social/cultural geography and social anthropology to explore people’s place-based experiences of globalisation and development. 4 our challenge is to think of plastics differently