Grand Challenges lecture series Grand Challenges 2018-2019 | Page 3

Grand Challenges From the social and environmental effects of climate change to the impact of technology on humans and their relationships; we face challenges that endanger basic human needs, the ways we organise and live together and which influence life chances and opportunities. Our priorities, the choices we make and the ways we seek to deliver them will shape futures and we can no longer look to any one academic discipline or research area to provide solutions. The Grand Challenges series invites speakers to provide fresh perspectives on the political, ethical and intellectual problems that we face in the world today. Following the lively 2017-8 programme including Anne Power on Grenfell and the future of social housing, Darren Henley on creativity and George Monbiot on a new politics for an age of crisis, our 2018-9 programme offers further stimulating questions, topics and provocations from an exciting line up of distinguished presenters. We look forward to welcoming you to the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a Grand Challenges Lecture very soon. Our events are open to all and we ask you to register and book your free ticket. To enable staff and students to attend the evening lectures, the Keele Nursery is extending its opening hours and this facility will be free of charge. To book your free lecture tickets visit grandchallenges To view videos of past lectures and find out more about the Institute and our wider events programme, including seminars, workshops and conferences 3