GoRV - Digital Magazine Issue #52 - Page 8


This rig is built on a 4in hotdipped-galvanised chassis , with a steel frame clad with composite aluminium finished in a silver baked enamel .
Underneath , everything looked in order , with both the 120L and 75L water tanks sensibly protected by checkerplate . However , I did wonder if the pipe connecting the tanks was hanging a little low .
Up front , the Ranger X is equipped with a decent guard to protect the dual 9kg gas cylinders . Mars has also given the Ranger X an Ark XO 750 10in swing-up jockey wheel - great ! I did , however , skin my knuckles a couple of times on the checkerplate on the stoneguard when winding the jockey wheel ’ s handle . There ’ s just enough room to wind it – but it ’ s a tight fit .
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