Global Atlantic Financial Group Leaders Insights Winter 2022 | Page 4



AMERICAN PARTNERS Insurance Marketing , Inc . is an insurance marketing agency located in Glendale , California . The organization is headed by President Ara Mkrtchyan , who has been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years .
Ara began his career as a Personal Producing Life Insurance Agent where a large part of his job was knocking on doors and selling life insurance policies for his affiliates . About six months into his career , Ara was introduced to an insurance organization focused on building relationships beyond the selling process . Inspired , Ara decided to start his own insurance marketing organization and build his business that way . By 1993 , his company had become a national insurance marketing agency .
Ara ’ s company continued to grow until 2008 when he made the decision to exit the organization . At the time of Ara ’ s departure , the company had reached $ 25 million in life insurance production . In 2010 , Ara joined American Partners and started applying his experience to growing their life insurance and annuity premiums . In his time with them , American Partners has grown from $ 1 million in life insurance policies and $ 5 million in annuities per year to $ 18 million in life insurance policies and $ 80 million in annuities last year .
Something that sets American Partners apart is their culture and the relationships the company maintains with advisors and subagencies . Their business model revolves around building relationships inside and outside the organization so they can take care of , and provide the best possible service to , their advisors . American Partners is currently partnered with 26 subagencies that work with their company exclusively .
Beyond selling , American Partners believes they should earn the business of their advisors . Ara recognizes that the days of competing to provide the highest commission are over and that today ’ s business relationships are built on providing the highest value . American Partners achieves this in a number of ways .
A big believer in having “ the human touch ” in business , Ara ensures that when someone calls American Partners , they are always greeted by a live person on the other end . The company checks in with its agents monthly , and when agents come with questions and concerns , American Partners makes a point to respond within two hours . At bimonthly meetings , American Partners invites all of its over 3,700 advisors in 50 states to participate .