Getting Started with Marketing Guide | Page 3

GETTING STARTED provide, give it a fresh spin entirely or use your provided copy verbatim. Once all the information has been gathered, your project will begin to crystallize in your mind; now it’s time to contact Marketing. Contact Us: Go online at and fill out a Project Request Form. Include all the details that you can including project scope, information that you have gathered and projected launch date. Upon receipt, we will be in touch with you to discuss any further details we need to get your project in motion, set a timeframe for completion and let you know what you should expect next. Approval Process: As soon as we have drafts ready for consideration, we will contact you and request your input. Please see the Marketing/Communication Policy for details on the approval process at Campaign Launch: Once drafts have been approved, we’re ready to advance your project to the next level! Depending on the scope and medium, timelines will vary regarding when the final product will be ready for use. The Marketing Department will keep you advised as to progress and let you know what to expect. We will contact you when the process is complete, so you can shout your message to the world. Happy Marketing! Life University Creative Marketing Guide | 3