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manifest themselves in many ways. Here is one thing to keep in mind, however: anyone can convince themselves of anything, and once a judgment is made, it isn’t too difficult to find evidence which seems to corroborate that judgment, at least at face value INTERVIEW BIAS Here are some common biases that can hinder a successful hiring process: Overconfidence – We are way too confident in our abilities. Those of us who firmly believe in our own objectivity are those most likely to succumb to bias. Recency – We tend to give more weight to recent info rmation. Affinity – We like people who are similar to us or remind us of someone we like. Beauty Effect – We attribute qualities to people based on their appearance. Ego Depletion – When willpower is diminished. fatigued, Comfort Effect – Interviewers tend to rate candidates more highly when the interviewer has a warm beverage in their hand. WAYS TO COMBAT BIAS IN JOB INTERVIEWS Most mistakes made by hiring managers occur during the first 30 minutes of a job interview. Most of those mistakes are made because of preconceptions. Combating job interview bias is not an easy task, but there are certainly some things a hiring manager can do in order to overcome it: Take note of your first impression of someone, and then determine whether stereotypes or unconscious bias are tainting your view. Set clear criteria that are directly related to the performance of the available position before the selection process begins, and encourage accountability by all team members to explain decision making when hiring. Utilize two interviewers and require them to compare notes and then agree on a combined score. Match your candidate with the skills you have listed in the job description. Follow this up by asking relevant questions. Measure your first impression twice: immediately upon meeting the candidate and again 30 minutes later, once you have actually had adequate time to make proper judgments. HUMAN INTELLIGENCE VS. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Given our innate biases as humans, wouldn’t it be more efficient to interview job candidates using a computer program that doesn’t have the same problem? It turns out that algorithms outperform human hiring managers in a wide variety of jobs and settings. Don’t be surprised by people’s aversion to automated decision making, though. Forecasters frequently choose a human solution, even when presented with evidence of an algorithm’s superior performance. The best solution is to leverage the strengths of both human decision makers and automated support systems. A-PLAYER SYSTEM The A-Player System helps companies create a high-performing workplace culture by starting with the root of it all—hiring the right people. It combines human and artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive process that makes hiring better, easier, and more productive. It consists of three parts: 1. Strategic Workforce Consulting 2. Project Management 3. Hireology’s Hiring Software and Talent Acquisition Technology Businesses use the A-Player System to deliver consistent and repeatable hiring decisions, leading to a lower turnover rate and increased profitability. The organic lawn care company, Pleasant Green Grass, utilized the A-Player System to find the right replacement for their Office Manager in just one month. “Hands down, this process is faster and more effective than what I did previously,” says CEO Scott Walker. “I am finally putting together my dream team. It’s is a game changer. It is something I know I can turn to and get results from. With Jim’s strategic guidance and the power of Hireology, I know I am going to find who I am looking for. I’m able to make confident hires and focus on growing my business.” The A-Player System overcomes the limitations of human bias by using a structured process that combines the best practices from behavioral sciences with talent assessment algorithms. The outcome is you hire better people, easier and faster — and who doesn’t want that! u FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO READ THE FULL CASE STUDY ON PLEASANT GREEN GRASS, PLEASE VISIT WWW.APLAYERSYSTEM.COM.