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5 THE AVERAGE JOE The following is the introduction to The Average Joe's Marketing Book: The Missing Manual For Marketing & Growing Your Small Business by Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network ® To get the forward and the first chapter of this book for free visit T he number one obstacle that exists with business owners when it comes to marketing is that they undervalue it. Often, they view it as just another thing they have to do. However, marketing is the most important thing you do for bringing revenue into your company. Devaluing marketing is like devaluing oxygen. In fact, try holding your breath right now for 30 seconds. It’s hard, right? Now, try holding your breath for 3 minutes. You’ll be gasping for air because you’re not getting enough oxygen. If a business is gasping for business, or if it’s going broke, or if it needs more customers, or if it needs more revenue, what will transform everything is MARKETING. Selling and marketing are as important to your business as oxygen is to an organism. Yet, most business owners don’t treat it that way. In fact, many people hate marketing and view it as a lesser-mortal, evil, bad HOW YOU THINK ABOUT MARKETING COULD TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE… thing that takes advantage of people. Nothing is further from the truth. Marketing is positioning. Marketing is what you do to get someone on the phone or face-to-face with you properly positioned so by the time they talk with you they are pre-intereste d, pre-motivated, pre-qualified and pre-disposed to do business with you. Marketing is selling in advance—and effective marketing makes selling easy and ideally unnecessary. If you do your marketing right, you or your salespeople end up talking to someone who views you and your business as a welcomed guest—not an annoying pest. This is the most effective way to sell almost anything and on top of all this, it saves you enormous amounts of time. Effective marketing is therefore time management marketing. When you read this book, learn what I’m going to teach you and you apply it, it will save you hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of your time, your staff ’s time and your company’s time. While selling is manual marketing, the type of marketing you’re going to discover is replicable and robotic. The way to go from having an average business to an extraordinary business is to crush your marketing. If you want to bring in more customers and you want a better life, I’m going to show you timeless strategies you can start using today to make the marketing in your business work so you can make more money and have a better life. Your marketing shouldn’t (and won’t) be H.A.L.F.—hard, annoying, lame and frustrating; it should (and will) be E.L.F.—easy, lucrative and fun. If you embrace marketing, it will transform your life personally and professionally. GET THE COMPLETE FIRST CHAPTER OF THE AVERAGE JOE'S MARKETING BOOK FREE AT WWW.JOESMARKETINGBOOK.COM GENIUSNETWORK.COM