GeminiFocus January 2018 | Page 22

Gemini staff contributions News for Users Governance meetings bring kudos to Gemini staff for their dedication to the Observatory (and its many projects) and recognize adaptive optics as a key strength. Large and Long Programs have been modified to resolve p roblems. The current “rollover” system in queue programming has been replaced with a new one that further benefits programs in Band 1. Commissioning data from the visiting speckle instrument ‘Alopeke reveal that it is amenable for image reconstruction and can produce remarkably sharp results. And early registration has opened for the Science and Evolution of Gemini Observatory 2018 conference. Update on Governance Meetings Beginning on November 9th, the Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC), AURA Oversight Council for Gemini (AOC-G), and Gemini Board of Directors (Board) met in La Serena, Chile, for nine action-packed days of very productive governance meetings. All three committees praised the progress the Observatory continues to make, and the dedication of the Gemini staff. Although the STAC and Board reports (which you can find posted on the Gemini external website) tend to be a bit terse and down to business, the STAC did use bullet points to congratulate the Observatory staff on several fronts, includ- ing the successful installation and commissioning run of the new laser at Gemini South, the dome shutter repair at Gemini North, and successfully managing the complicated follow-up observations of GW170817. The AOC-G, which tends to be a bit more effusive in their reports, noted that “Once again, the management and staff of Gemini are performing at an outstanding level and the entire Gemini team is clearly operating very efficiently with excellent science return, on modest resources.” 20 GeminiFocus January 2018