GDC Journal_Jan 2023 - Page 14


Not On Our Watch ! GDC Stops illegal subst

23,000 + contraband items sezied

In its continued commitment to eradicating facilities of dangerous contraband , the Georgia Department of Corrections ( GDC ) has completed multiple shakedowns across the state . As of January 1 , 2023 , through the dedication and commitment of the GDC Tactical Squads , Immediate Response Team , Investigators and Agents , more than 120 fullfacility shakedowns have been completed , resulting in more than 23,000 contraband items being removed from facilities .
“ We are determined to actively fight the threat that contraband poses to the safety of the public , our staff , and inmates ,” said Commissioner Tyrone Oliver . “ Our efforts will not only increase in number but will become more apparent as we continue to be steadfast in upholding our non-negotiable mission of protecting the public .”