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The National Braille Association ( NBA ) certifies a transcriber ’ s proficiency in using the Principles of Print to Braille Transcription . The Braille Formats certification is completed by transcribing a textbook from the National Braille Association and receiving a grade of 80 or higher . The exam tests a transcriber ’ s ability to properly apply the Formats guidelines to transcription textbooks or projects over 12 weeks .
Emanuel Women ’ s Facility now offers Braille Transcription Classes where women are given the opportunity to complete three different Braille Certification Programs . Since the inception of the Braille program at Emanuel WF , the program participants have proof-read approximately 1,500 books and transcribed 750 books .
Offender Brandie Weeks received her Braille Formats Certification in August 2022 and became the first female offender in Georgia to receive her Formats Certification . Weeks is the only female in Georgia certified under the new braille guidelines ; Print to Braille Transcription , 2016 , published by BANA .
January 2023 | GDC Journal 7