GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 6

2019 COMMISSION MEMBERS   Stephanie Woodard, Chair  Georgia Association of Solicitors-General Judge Jeffery Kight  Judicial District 1 Mike Kraft, Vice Chair Department of Community Supervision   Peggy Wilson, Secretary  Advocate Judge Joe Bishop  Judicial District 2 Chief Christine Hudson  Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Judge Katherine Lumsden  Judicial District 3 Cynthia Clanton  Administrative Office of the Courts Judge Berryl Anderson  Judicial District 4 Tony Hightower  Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council Judge Paige Whitaker  Judicial District 5 Jacqueline Bunn State Board of Pardons and Paroles Judge Kathryn Powers  Judicial District 6 Col. Thomas Barnard Georgia Department of Natural Resources Judge Cindy Morris  Judicial District 7 Jessica Nunan Child Violence Expert Judge Mike Greene Judicial District 8 Melanie McNeal Elder Abuse Expert Judge Leslie Abernathy Judicial District 9 Lisa Dawson Department of Public Health Judge David Sweat Judicial District 10 Tom Rawlings, Director Division of Family and Children Services Michele Bedingfield Advocate Chris Carr Attorney General Chastity Rogers Advocate Senator Elena Parent Georgia Senate April Ross Survivor Senator Kay Kirkpatrick Georgia Senate Dr. Joon Choi University of Georgia Senator Brian Strickland Georgia Senate Charles Sperling FVIP Provider Representative Mandi Ballinger  Georgia House of Representatives Steven Hatfield Criminal Justice Coordinating Council   Sheriff Jeff Johnson Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Representative Penny Houston Georgia House of Representatives Representative Susan Holmes Georgia House of Representatives 5