GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 5

CONFERENCE KEYNOTES     Monday, September 9, 2018  Vanessa McNeal Sexual Violence: The Things We Can’t Ignore Vanessa McNeal is an award winning documentary filmmaker, national speaker, and two time TEDx speaker. She travels and speaks nationally about how to confront adversity with grace using her personal story as a vehicle to inspire and empower others. Vanessa will share her harrowing story of surviving sexual violence and how it led to groundbreaking film work. She will share insight into her work within the sex trafficking industry and will discuss how best to empower survivors through supporting and believing them.   Tuesday, September 10, 2018  Melissa Jeltsen  From Behind Closed Doors To The National Stage: The Challenges (And Opportunities) Of Reporting On Domestic Violence In this keynote, Melissa Jeltsen, a senior reporter at The Huffington Post, will talk about her experience as a journalist covering domestic violence in the U.S. She will discuss how she documented the intersection of mass shootings and domestic violence, the phenomenon of battered women imprisoned for killing their abusers, and will revisit some of her most difficult stories. Wednesday, September 11, 2018  High Point, North Carolina Collaborative: Timothy Ellenberger, Teri Hyman,  Kenneth Shultz, Jennifer Wells  It’s Not Just Domestic Violence, It’s VIOLENCE. Case Study: The High Point Model - Domestic Violence Intimate Partner Intervention.     For nearly a decade, the city of High Point, North Carolina, has been succeeding with an inter-agency, community-based model of ending domestic violence by holding offenders accountable while prioritizing the safety of the victims. Led by law enforcement, the model has been shown to deliver remarkable results by nearly eliminating homicides and reducing offender recidivism. This plenary session will include screening a documentary about the program and an address from the Chief of Police, and a Victim Services Advocate who will discuss the implementation of the program from its beginning. An Assistant U.S. Attorney will then speak about the success a county in South Carolina – nearly three times the size of High Point – is having replicating the program in what was once the worst county in the country for domestic violence.   4