GANGA 65th Issue

Newsletter No. 65; IRBMS June – July, 2018 Ganga Flood in NE India (Source: FIRSTPOST) expensive agriculture practice in the world. There Commentary is no National Water Policy or comprehensive Unlike last few years this year we are hearing less grassroot level program for village level water number of bad news in monsoon and there are low conservation. Monsoon with reasonable rain rainfall deficiencies in majority of the states. become relatively news free. Flooding of Mumbai, Occasional bad news are also there like flood in Chennai were common but flooding of Delhi also North Eastern states like Tripura, Assam, Manipur added to the list. & Mizoram in June and low rainfall in Bihar and parts of Jharkhand till July end. But still two critical In our previous commentaries we mentioned about areas for water management remain unchanged; 1) the imminent Water Crisis in India and many like poor supply management in terms of water us are trying to bring it to the notice of the conservation and 2) excess demand of water as Government as well as civil society but the Indian movement is very slow. The water related disasters agriculture remain the most water 1 Integrated River Basin Management Society