GameChangers_BusinessIssue Volume 5 Issue 25 | Page 30

Lubulu was established in 2013 . It was originally a project designed to empower women . As time progressed , the project came to a stand still . It remained dormant until the year 2020 . The era of the two pandemics , Covid 19 and racial injustice ; both on an all time high . Due to the climate of our nation , the project began to re-awaken . There was a need in our communities of color . There was a need to love ourselves more ; a need to continue to stand for what is right , a need to get what we want without having to beg anyone .
The name “ LUBULU ” stands for “ Loving Us Being Us Living Us ”. It is a declaration that stands firm in the souls of black folks who pushed through the depths of pressure with courage and strength . It began with the beat of a broken heart for the people and a dream that flowed through the pulse of hope . We are all of America with African blood flowing through our veins . Our origin may come from another place but we are born here and our ancestors built America off of the sweat and blood of their hands . Lubulu Square is a place where the purpose is to cultivate the black community and motivate the people of color to be confident and proud of who they are and who they are becoming . We support and promote black entrepreneurs and small black businesses by providing space for them to display their merchandise for retail . This would allow the merchants to expand their customer base and help build their business . With this strategy , we will be able to meet the needs of the community and create an easy access to products and merchandise that they will want and need . We are a place that provide an environment that inspires and encourages those who have no sight nor vision of where they are going in life . If you don ’ t know where you come from then you won ’ t know where you ’ re going . We believe here at Lubulu Square , that knowing your culture and the origins from whence you came , gives definition to who you are . It exudes a sense of importance and it opens the eyes of the value that an individual carries within . LUBULU SQUARE African Cultural Arts , a movement where love is freedom and freedom is love . All are welcomed .


Founder of Lubulu Square African Cultural Arts