GameChangers_BusinessIssue Volume 5 Issue 25 | Page 29



Sounds of Afro beat music play in the background . The smoke of burning incense , glide in the air , dancing to the rhythm of blackness . It ’ s sweet smelling fragrance fills the atmosphere with knowledge that flows to the beat of the djembe drum . It reminds us of our Ancestors ’ resilience and strength . Welcome to Lubulu Square African Cultural Arts .

Expression of art , fashion , and beauty lies within the fabric of our being . The African-American culture is a trendsetter of innovation . We , as a melinated people , undeniably carry a contagious creativity that moves the spirit of life throughout the world . Lubulu Square is a marketplace on a mission . We bring awareness and information to the black community . Our goal is to enlighten and educate the community about African culture and the richness of it ’ s heritage . Lubulu Square African Cultural Arts is a place that embrace and promote black entrepreneurs . It is a place that encourage the freedom of economic development in the black community . It is a place that highlight the value of self-importance , self-awareness , and self-realization .