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that this will pass . After my condition did not improve , I was finally approved to go to Urgent Care and was seen in person , after having quarantined as instructed for 14 days . After a quick examination , I was asked by the staff if I wanted them to call a Chaplain or my Pastor . My immediate response to them was “ NO , I know a Man ”. I had tested positive for Covid , had pneumonia in both lungs , and could barely breath . I hadn ’ t eaten hardly anything for 2 weeks and was dehydrated . It was not looking good for me . I was transported by ambulance to Emory Midtown by myself , no wife , no family . According to my doctor they didn ’ t think that I was going to make it through the night . I was in the hospital , for two long weeks , fighting for my life , but I wasn ’ t alone . My God , my protector , the one that I serve , the one that my faith is in , the one that gives me new mercies everyday was right there with me . But that was not the end of my test because a week later my wife was also diagnosed with the virus and she was sent to a different hospital .
In addition to distributing more than 250 coats to the community , we have distributed food , pampers and school supplies , turkeys to families at Thanksgiving , distributed toys at Christmas time , provided workshops on obtaining medical insurance , and assisted individuals in need of employment with referrals . Other outreach activities include Free Gospel Concerts and Community movie nights !
You speak on the Full Life experience . What is the Full Life Experience and how does it apply to everyday life ?
The Full Life experience involves achieving spiritual health , emotional health , physical health , and obtaining material necessities . Jesus said that He came to give life , and life more abundantly . At Full Life we believe that in order for God ’ s word to move in people ’ s lives they need to know for themselves who He is , and what He can do in their life .
The Full Life experience involves our helping to fulfill the needs of the “ whole man / woman ” by assisting them in achieving spiritual maturity , so that they can enjoy God ’ s promise of an abundant life , and become an active witness for Christ in the world .
As a Corona Virus Survivor what is your testimony and what would you say to families that may have not experienced the direct effects of it ?
In the beginning I didn ’ t have any idea that I had the virus . I felt like I just had a cold or maybe the flu . Because of the shelter in place order I was unable to physically see a doctor , for weeks , although I was speaking to one every day . For well over a week , under doctor ’ s orders , I laid around thinking
She was admitted to the ICU and put on a ventilator . The doctor said she would most likely be on it for about two weeks , but I told my God that He promised me that whatever I ask for in His name He would perform . Instead of my wife being on that ventilator , in the ICU for two weeks God brought her out in TWO DAYS !!
As I started the recovery process staff offered to bring me bibles so I could read the word . I declined their offers because I told them that I keep the word hidden in my heart .
After I had been released from the hospital and had recovered enough to be able speak without oxygen , I preached a message entitled “ How to fight your fears ”. This message was geared to those who had not as of yet been touched directly by Covid . It was intended to be a word of encouragement for them , a road map for how to activate their faith . A reminder that God did not give us a spirit of fear , and that He is our protector . It was no one but God who spared me and my wife ’ s life . He brought us through this trial safely and he can bring you through your trials safely also .
With most churches being affected by Covid-19 , and what is happening in the world today , what is your plan to reach those who seek a full life and what adjustments are you making during this process ?
Like most other churches we are following the CDC ’ s recommendations as they relate to minimizing the spread of Covid . As such , we have been working diligently to upgrade our technology to allow us to live stream on various platforms . We have not allowed Covid to keep the word from going forth although we have had to limit our face to face activities .
Currently we are streaming both our Bible Study , which is on Tuesdays from 7-8 and our Sunday worship service which is @ 2pm on Sundays , live on Facebook . Coming soon streaming on YouTube .