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I am a bi-vocational Pastor who is employed by the DeKalb County BOE . A native of NY , my family and I relocated to McDonough 14 years ago in search of a change . I am a born-again believer , who is the husband of one wife , father of 4 adult children , and grandfather of 6 , soon to be 7 . I have almost 40 years of experience in the Ministry having served as a Missionary , a Deacon , a Sunday School Teacher / Superintendent , an Associate Minister , an Interim Pastor , and now a Pastor . I am a firm believer that if God said it then He means it !
What is your testimony ? What led you to preach God ’ s Word ?
I often tell this story when I am attempting to let people know that no matter who you are , what you have done , or where you come from in life God can use you . Early one Sunday morning , some 40 years ago , after a long night of getting high something came over me . I started thinking about my life and where I was in it . Right then I knew that I needed a change . I was sitting on my bed and I told God that “ I didn ’ t want to die in my current state ”. Right then and there He changed my life . I had no idea that “ my change ” would be so drastic , but in a good way . When I think back , I use to say “ this church would probably blow up if I ever went in ”, as I sat with my friends drinking and getting high on the steps . God later blessed me to preach in many of those very same churches . When God turns things around for you there are no limits ! My actual conversion experience occurred at a street tent revival in the Bronx on a hot summer night . As I listened as a choir sang , Lord Do It For Me , and Pastor Noel Jones preached , something happened that night that changed my whole life . God showed me that no matter who are , no matter what you have done , or where you come from , through Him you have the ability to change .
How did your Ministry ’ s “ Hour of Power ” service come about ??
Prior to starting Full Life , I had the opportunity to serve communion at Westbury Nursing Home and I was blessed to share the word of God with the patients at Crescent Pines , a local crisis stabilization hospital , where my wife was employed . As I served at these two places , I interacted with individuals interested in getting the word who were unable to attend church services because of their work schedule . The “ Hour of Power ” was initially on Sunday evenings from 6-7PM . It was birthed as a solution for individuals who were working in retail , food service , healthcare , and other fields that required that they work during traditional church service times .
Pictured : Rev . Timothy Gould
What is the vision and mission of that platform ?
The vision and mission of the “ Hour of Power ” service is to provide a “ not church as usual ” worship service for believers and those seeking a personal relationship with God , in the community . It is geared towards individuals who want to know God but are unwilling to commit to attending a traditional 3-hour church service . The “ Hour of Power ” is a one hour , balance of praise , worship , and the preached Word of God .
Beyond the four walls what does your Ministry do and focus on to reach those that are not coming to church or maybe not as involved as they should be ?
Full Life Community Church welcomes everyone . We are committed to assisting both believers and unbelievers alike , with achieving all aspects ; spiritual , emotional , physical , and material , of a “ full life ”. Since its inception Full Life Community Church has been committed to serving the community . We believe in serving the whole man and assisting him with achieving all components of a Full Life .