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Representing Jesus Christ in the World !

Pastor Kearse is no stranger to the Kingdom of GOD . She has a quiet Spirit ; humble , yet bold in the business for Christ our LORD . She is a trouble shooter of sorts in the Kingdom . The Bible is her backpack meaning , she tries to do everything based on the Bible , “ The Word of Truth ”. She prays , acknowledges GOD about the right moment to activate her assignments given to her by Him , then , she acts !


In her service to Jesus Christ and His people , she has served over 35 years in ministry and possesses multi-faceted gifts in which she uses for the up-building of the Kingdom of GOD . St . Jude Methodist Church , is where her childhood upbringing in Christ began . From there is where she followed her father Bennie Lee Shaw here to Wesley United Methodist church where Pastor Kearse began her first phase of pastoral ministry . Following her husband years later after being married at Wesley ; she went to Canaan Miss . Baptist church where she served on the ministerial staff at Canaan , under the beloved Pastor Alfred Williams . In addition , she was elected as Foreign Missions Officer representing the State of South Carolina . It was short-lived because her husband received an offer for a job elsewhere .


Pastor Kearse is a former Bereavement Coordinator and Chaplin for Heartland Hospice and St . Francis Hospital in Charleston , SC , where she received her training in CPE . She exudes care and concern for God ’ s people everywhere she goes regardless of denomination and race .


She is a graduate of Charleston Southern University in Religion and Behavioral Psychology for Children . She is a published author and the latest of her books , “ The Grief Buster ”, was written and designed in simplicity to help someone that may be going through a difficult time . She clearly explains how many people can experience many forms of losses in their lifetime ; whether it is a good loss or not , it is displayed through our behavior . Also , a small , yet powerful prayer book , that you can carry in your coat pocket or business binder , called “ A Book of Prayers for Every Need ”. ( Available to you now !)


Pastor Kearse and her husband Carroll , tag team in empowering churches and entrepreneurs in grant-writing and obtaining tax exempt status . She also oversees a powerful ministry called , “ The Praying Wives Ministry International and Jesus Center of Life ”.

She has a quiet Spirit ; humble , yet bold in the business for Christ our LORD .

It has been very effective in helping wives and perspective wives to walk alongside their husbands with humility and without reproach .
When Pastor Kearse and her husband moved on to their next assignment in Florida ; that is where GOD used them in ministries all over Orlando and the surrounding areas . There , is where GOD , promoted them to their next earthly level in ministry , where Pastor Kearse received an Honorary Doctorate and her husband became Elder Carroll Kearse . These honors were administered by Apostolic Leader and Pastor , Arleavy Hermany of Johns Island , SC and Pastor Michael and Heather Gardner of Atlanta , GA .


And last , but not least , she is a huge advocate for God ’ s people in Africa , Haiti and Israel . As a former pastor , Rev . Dr . Kearse has seen and experienced first-hand , the perils of living in a Third World Country . In West Africa she witnessed a mother and newborn child living on a stone pavement with a light bulb to keep them warm ; an old mother , with no legs , just a bare ground to sleep on . Also , very sadly , she met a family of five , with all their belongings living in a 5 by 10 ft . space , no bigger than a closet and they were still holding on to hope . She is SOLD OUT to MISSIONS for GOD ’ s Beloved people . After that experience in 2006 , her goal was to make aware , as many people and leaders as possible , the dire need of financial assistance for medical care and education for our brothers and sisters across the waters . Even today , she and her husband still practice this good will towards men in all places , especially here in the states . In conclusion she says , “ May the Holy Spirit of GOD stir our hearts and minds to do what Christ has taught us .” And lastly , letting the Word of God speak for itself , Romans 10:15 b says , “ as it is written , How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of Peace , and bring good tidings of good things ”! That is the Word of GOD … let ’ s welcome the Woman of GOD , Rev . Dr . Sandra A . Kearse .