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Terry E. Barnard has been elected chairman by his colleagues on the State Board of Pardons and Paroles for Fiscal Year 2021. At the June meeting of the Parole Board, Barnard was elected to a sixth term as chairman.

Chairman Barnard thanked the members for their continued support.

“Serving as chairman of Georgia’s Parole Board can be a heavy responsibility but the other members bring so much professionalism to the Board. Their leadership has made being the chairman probably like no other chair in the history of this board,” stated Barnard. “The stability on this board is second to no other board. We’re a good working team and Georgia is safer as a result,” he added.

Board Member David Herring nominated Chairman Barnard for the new term due to Barnard’s, “steadfast leadership.” Herring added, “I know that you will continue to lead this board in a positive manner in the year coming up.”

Currently Barnard is the sixth longest serving chairman in Parole Board history and will move up to fourth by completing his sixth term.

Brian Owens was elected to his third consecutive term as vice chairman.

The Board conducted a limited meeting, practicing social distancing, and following all COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The Board is mandated to elect a chairman and vice chairman prior to the start of the new fiscal year which begins on July 1st.

Follow this link to see all previous chairs;

Parole Board Members are full-time state employees. The members are appointed by the Governor to a seven year term subject to confirmation by the State Senate. Board Members determine which parole eligible offenders will be released to serve the remainder of their prison sentence under community supervision. Members have the authority to issue pardons, restore political and civil rights, and restore firearm rights. The Board is the only authority in Georgia that can commute a death sentence.

Monthly meetings are conducted by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to receive operational updates, presentations and to review and vote on policy revisions. The meetings do not include reviews, considerations or decisions regarding parole for eligible offenders.

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Barnard Elected to 6th Term

To lead as Chairman for FY 2021