FWYC Letter Log January 2019 - Page 3

Fort Walton Yacht Club Letter Log JANUARY 2019 30° 25.60’N 86° 35.58’W FORT WALTON YACHT CLUB FLAG OFFICERS EMAIL: flag@fwyc.org Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Fleet Captain Craig Stoldt Shari Seaton Gina Gammick Samuel Grant BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMAIL: board@fwyc.org Scott Bailey John Farris Wini Marquez Scott Mitchell Lou Richard Diane Wells OFFICERS Secretary Kerrie Serpa Recording Secretary Lidia Webb Treasurer Don Tweedel P/C Faye Black Brooke Harrison Matt McGee Bobby Nabors P/C Phyllis Seaton Linda Wright COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS See Club website for individual email addresses: www.fwyc.org COMMODORE Finance - Robert Rennie Training & Education - John Farris Marine Equipment - Linda Wright & Kerrie Serpa Constitution & Bylaws - Lou Richard Appointments - Cece Stoldt REAR COMMODORE Entertainment - Gina Gammick & Chris Washack Membership - P/C Faye Black Webmaster - Sam Grant Ship’s Store - Pam Brown Publicity - Gina Gammick & Chris Washack VICE COMMODORE House - Matt McGee Dockmaster - Chris Washack Welcoming - Skip Harrington & Jerry Vaughan Dry Storage - Jim Serpa Historical - Lynne Reynolds Planning - P/C Phyllis Seaton Club Photographer - Cece Stoldt Welcome to the Club! Michael Crawford Clay Duhon Terry Hagle Chris Pearce 3 Glad to Have You Back!! Erwin Fleet Moving On :( Larry Hayes Kevin Locht Hilda Macdonald