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РЕЛИЗ ГРУППЫ "What's News" VK.COM/WSNWS FEBRUARY 28, 2018 ENTREPRENEURS 42 | FAMILY TREE Jonathan Saperstein began his efforts to professionalize and dominate the nursery industry with a hostile takeover of a grower—from his dad. BY AMY FELDMAN 48 | CRACKING THE CODE Challenged by a female employee, Gusto, an HR-software unicorn in San Francisco, figures out how to hire women engineers. BY SUSAN ADAMS FEATURES 79 | BEST-IN-STATE WEALTH ADVISORS In the age of robo-advice, meeting clients face-to-face can be a real competitive advantage. Here are the top-ranked advisors in all 50 states. BY HALAH TOURYALAI, MAGGIE MCGRATH AND KRISTIN STOLLER 85 | THE FINTECH 50 The future of your money. EDITED BY JANET NOVACK AND MATTHEW SCHIFRIN 88 | OPEN FOR BUSINESS Forget the international partnerships and the D.C. hotel. The surest way to put money into Donald Trump’s pocket is through his core real estate assets. More than 150 tenants—from foreign governments to big banks—throw him some $175 million a year without an accounting of who they are or how much they pay. Until now. BY DAN ALEXANDER AND MATT DRANGE REENGINEER YOUR RETIREMENT 88 97 | TRUSTS IN THE AGE OF TRUMP December’s tax overhaul is spawning new ideas for transferring big bucks and minimizing taxes. Procrastinators, beware: Your current estate plan may now be booby-trapped. BY ASHLEA EBELING 102 | LIVE WELL WHILE THE MARKET TANKS Here’s a spending formula to protect you in retirement from panic and from penury. BY WILLIAM BALDWIN 104 | THE HAIL MARY RETIREMENT PLAN Looking to turbocharge your retirement account? Put some crypto in your IRA, but only if you can stomach extreme risk and high fees. BY JEFF KAUFLIN 110 | SUNNIER DAYS ON SESAME STREET After a merger knocked him from his CEO’s perch, Jeffrey Dunn considered globe-hopping. Instead, he headed to Harvard and then on to retool an iconic not-for-profit. 110 BY KERRY HANNON FORBES LIFE 118 | SEPARATED AT REBIRTH Thanks to signature models, Rolls-Royce and Bentley are both enjoying a renaissance. But the iconic British automakers have traveled two very different roads. BY JOANN MULLER 118 124 | THOUGHTS On value. 8 | FORBES FEBRUARY 28, 2018