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РЕЛИЗ ГРУППЫ "What's News" VK.COM/WSNWS FEBRUARY 28, 2018 13 | FACT & COMMENT // STEVE FORBES Don’t wreck the new boom. LEADERBOARD 17 | 30 UNDER 30 Europe’s latest crop of young entrepreneurs, inventors and disruptors. 20 | NEW BILLIONAIRE: THE BIG WHEELER Ernie Garcia’s used-car kingdom. Plus: Another billionaire president—what are the odds? 22 | SPORTSMONEY: THE NBA’S MOST VALUABLE TEAMS A pro squad is now worth an average of $1.65 billion. Plus: Who’s richer—LeBron or Steph? The league’s highest- earning players. 24 | THE 10-Q: GEORGE GILDER The technology prophet on Bell’s Law and Google. Plus: Utah’s charitable chemical king. 26 | FROM THE VAULT: GETTY’S MIGHTY GRIP, — JULY 15, 1957 By mid-century J. Paul Getty’s empire spanned continents and fueled industries. 28 | CONVERSATION Readers rap about YouTube’s top earners and our inaugural Just 100 ranking. 17 36 STRATEGIES 31 | OVER A BARREL In an exclusive interview, ExxonMobil’s new CEO lays out his plan to supply a growing world with energy—without destroying it in the process. BY CHRISTOPHER HELMAN TECHNOLOGY 36 | DIGITAL MEDICI You no longer need to be rich to be an arts benefactor. But can crowdfunding site Patreon save creators from the starvation wages of online advertising? BY KATHLEEN CHAYKOWSKI 42 6 | FORBES FEBRUARY 28, 2018