Fresh Start June 2016 | Page 26

By Iris Raeshaun I believe there is no death for those born again in Christ Jesus, only the transformation of, or separation between the body and spirit. Death isn’t a black thief, but a catalyst into another form of existence. My uncle, John Harris Posey, passed May 4, 1998. In my 20’s I resented him because he once refused to give me a loan to purchase some fancy luggage complete with a matching handbag I thought I had to have and could not live without. I was willing to forego the shoes, if necessary. When he told me no, I didn’t understand. I was between paychecks and was devastated. After more than 25 years working as a supervisor for a pipeline company in Fairbanks, Alaska, he moved back to Mississippi and built a house for himself and his family. At the end of each day, he would place his pocket change on top of his dresser. As a child, I was tempted at times to borrow a few coins without asking but wa