Fresh Start June 2016 | Page 25

Partner of The Month Tell us about yourself?I was born on January 3 in Houston, TX to Anita Garrett and Richard Woods. I spent four years of my childhood in Montgomery, AL in which my dad is from. I also have one older sister and a 7-year-old nephew. I am a full-time student at the University of Texas pursuing my Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. I began first two years as an undergrad at Prairie View A & M University and completed my second two years at Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies. I aspire work in the field of chronic disease prevention/ management. I love music and love to dance. I am also a positive-minded, fun-loving individual who loves learning new things. Last, but certainly not least, I love the Lord. Favorite Scripture? Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 NLT What drew you to Genesis? I was seeking a church home where I could hear and understand the Word of God. I expressed this desire to a friend, Chaney Jones and her mother, Sabrina Bridges and they told me about a church they had been attending for the Rachel Woods What Ministries are you active in? • Dance Ministry past month. These two ladies spoke highly • Young Adults Ministry about Genesis and encouraged me to visit. • Health & Wellness Ministry I visited Genesis that following Sunday and had a great experience. The Genesis Partners You have been here less than a year and you are already bringing new partners. Do you feel made the atmosphere feel like home, Pasthat as a young adult it is hard to evangelize? tor Williams preached in a way that made No, I don’t feel that being a young adult makes it his message understandable and the choir hard to evangelize, especially if you are evangewas amazing! I also attended Bible study lizing to those who are close to you. I have been the following Wednesday and had the same fed so much goodness about the Lord from Genexperience with the Genesis Partners and esis and I don’t want those who I love to miss out Pastor Williams. Being in an environment on the Good News. There is so much strength, where people are looking forward to seeing you is always a great feeling, and that’s what courage and wisdom that can be received if we just open up to Him. It breaks my heart to know I receive at Genesis. As a result, after my second Sunday visit at Genesis, I knew that I that so many uninformed people forfeit peace wasn’t going anywhere else anytime soon, so and blessings by missing out on the good Word of God. I decided to join! How do you think you could help Genesis be a If you could give some advice to a person great Church? Genesis is already a great church, thinking about joining the ministry what in my opinion. I think I can continue to help would it be? I would say to the person, if Genesis be a great church by being a witness for you’re stressed, lost, broken, wanting peace, or just wanting a better life for yourself, want Jesus and inviting people to visit. As a Genesis to prosper and want get closer to God, come Partner, I believe a duty of mine is getting a potential Genesis Partner through our doors. I also with me to visit Genesis. There hasn’t been a Sunday when I haven’t been blessed with a believe that encouraging a Genesis Partner to get good Word from Pastor Williams. I am sure involved in the ministry to help build the body that you will receive a great message that you of Christ will help Genesis continue to be a great can take with you, and walk out feeling better Church. than when you came. I would also testify that I’ve grown so much spiritually and has continued to develop into a better person since joining the ministry and declare that you can do the same. 25