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GLMS News is a monthly publication of the Greater Louisville Medical Society 101 W. Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202 (502) 589-2001 Fax (502) 581-9022 www.glms.org. GLMS News reserves the right to make the final decision on content and advertisements. BOARD OF GOVERNORS’ HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 14, 2015 • • GLMS NEWS STAFF Bert T. Guinn, MBA, CAE Executive Vice President/CEO [email protected] Kate Williams Communications Designer [email protected] Aaron Burch Communications Specialist [email protected] • McKenna Byerley Public Relations Associate [email protected] ADVERTISING: Cheri K. McGuire Director of Marketing [email protected] MEMBERSHIP STATUS • As of June 2015, active GLMS membership numbered 1,942 , which is 79 percent of physicians practicing in Jefferson County. View Additional Photos from GLMS Events: www.flickr.com/photos/glms1 Find Kudos about Member Achievements: www.glms.org. Click Media, then Kudos. Find us on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. • The Board approved GLMS 2016 membership dues to remain unchanged at $340 per year. GLMS CFO Glenda Klass advised the decision, saying “Based upon budget projection, we’ll not need to have a dues increase in 2016.” The Board approved the participation of GLMS in the KET series, Kentucky Health, produced and hosted by GLMS board member Wayne Tuckson, MD. The series airs eight times weekly on KET affiliates and has been running for several years. GLMS’s role will be to help identify topics and GLMS members who may serve as expert guests on the program. GLMS Board Chair Bruce Scott, MD, praised the series. “Dr. Tuckson has really done a wonderful job with this program. It’s given a spotlight to wonderful doctors. It gets our message out there. It gets our brand out there. We aren’t waiting for someone to come to us; we’re actively reaching out to improve the health of our community. I’m looking forward to a slightly more formal relationship.” Dr. Scott reminded the Board of Governors of the quickly approaching Wear the White Coat experience in which physicians are partnered with legislators, business leaders and media personnel for a day of medical shadowing. The orientation takes place October 14. “We need physicians to do this,” he said. “We can help with HIPAA requirements and scheduling conflicts. This is marketing of the physicians brand, what we do, what challenges we face. And the interest in the lay community is high.” Board members were encouraged to bring fellow active, life and in-training members to the GLMS Caucus and House of Delegates meeting at the KMA Annual Meeting the morning of Sunday, August 30. “We’re trying to get m ore people involved, this is a great way to get involved and to support GLMS,” Dr. Scott said. Sarah Moyer, MD, Medical Director for the Department of Health and Wellness, gave an update to the Board regarding the new syringe exchange. Since its inception in June 380 participants have used the exchange, many more than once. Of those, 61 have been tested for HIV and 26 have been referred for treatment. “We’re pretty happy with the results,” said Dr. Moyer, who also expressed concern that one-for-one syringe legislation might come up this year in Frankfort. In short, some legislators feel that the less needles that are on the street the better. “The needs based • • • • • exchange where we can give them as many syringes as they need is much more effective for preventing the spread of disease. Dr. Moyer, adding, “Kentucky is #1 in the country for Hepatitis C.” GLMS Foundation Director Terry Todd thanked the board for its support of the Medical School Golf Scholarship now entering its 5th year. GLMS Alliance President Karen Sonnier told the board that dues statements were recently sent out. This year, the Alliance added an online payment option to www.GLMS.org. The group will soon be putting out a roster with events planned for September including participation in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on September 12 and the first Alliance meeting of the year at the home of the Sonniers on September 15. KMA Exec. Vice President Pat Padgett spoke to the board with KMA Annual Meeting details, specifically Saturday, August 29th’s leadership conference. More than 100 physicians are expected to attend the event which, Padgett noted, will provide the first public forum for the state’s draft plan of new payment models for Medicaid and commercial care. Kentucky recently received a grant from the federal government to research these models, and the draft plan is set to arrive the day before KMA’s annual meeting begins. John Langefeld, MD, the Medicaid CMO, will be available on Saturday to field questions and explain more about the plan. Padgett encouraged board members to sign up for the leadership conference to hear from Dr. Langefeld and several other notable speakers. Padgett, along with AMA Alternate Delegate and GLMS Vice President Rob Zaring, MD, encouraged the board to look at programs and services offered by the American Medical Association which are being developed. There are several upcoming educational courses for physicians including an ICD-10 class on August 27. The AMA also investigates controversial litigious issues through their Litigation Center which is currently involved in more than 50 medical care related cases nationwide. For more information about the Litigation Center and the educational courses available, visit www.ama-assn.org. The Board unanimously voted to honor the retiring GLMS Executive Director Lelan Woodmansee, CAE, with a lifetime honorary GLMS MISSION - Promote the science, art and profession of medicine; Protect the integrity of the patient-physician relationship; Advocate for the health and well-being of the community; Unite physicians regardless of NEWS practice setting to 2 GLMS AUGUST 2015 achieve these ends.