Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 26, Issue 8

News AUGUST 2015 · VOLUME 25 & ISSUE 8 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY WHAT’S INSIDE Page 1 - H  elp Impact State Law Page 2 - Board of Governors’ Highlights Page 3 - Legislative Kickoff Page 3 - KMA Annual Meeting Page 6 - Medicaid Member Disenrollment Change Page 6 - ICD-10 Hassle Tracking Page 6 - Wear the White Coat Preceptors Needed LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP FOR THE GLMS CAUCUS AND THE KMA HOUSE OF DELEGATES! Want a chance to impact state law regarding health care? »» Better equipping physicians for mental health care The KMA Annual Meeting is just a few weeks away, and this is your chance to be a delegate for the GLMS Caucus breakfast at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30. The breakfast will be held at the downtown Hyatt Regency Louisville in the Keeneland Room. The House of Delegates meeting, in which statewide resolutions are voted upon, will immediately follow at noon. Active, life and in-training members are eligible to participate as GLMS Delegates to the KMA. »» KMA by-laws regarding replacement representatives »» Medication-based addiction treatment »» Abuse Deterrent Opioid products »» Community health events »» Colorectal cancer screenings »» Testing of vision during driver’s license renewal This year, GLMS will submit eight resolutions for the KMA House of Delegates to consider. These resolutions discuss a wide range of topics. We urge you to come support GLMS, your fellow physicians and your patients as we put forth resolutions involving: Delegates will have the chance to lend their voice to each resolution they feel passionate about during the caucus breakfast and HOD. More information and updates regarding each resolution will be provided during the GLMS Caucus meeting. »» “Prescriber Only” status for physicians and other Medicaid providers There are 90 delegate seats available. To RSVP, please contact Onvia McDaniel at (502) 736-6302 or [email protected] by 10am, Wednesday Aug. 26. WHITE COAT CEREMONY WELCOMES CLASS OF 2019 GLMS physicians and the University of Louisville School of Medicine welcomed the class of 2019 during the annual White Coat Ceremony on Sunday, July 26. The ceremony brought physicians, professors, family and friends together to watch as 162 new medical school freshman put on their white coats for the first time. For the students, the afternoon was the culmination of years of hard work. For the physicians on stage who led the proceedings, it was a chance to impart some wisdom to these still impressionable young students. GLMS President Robert Couch, MD, MBA, congratulated the students in attendance and offered advice from the words of his colleague, Dr. Greg Henry, a past president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, who said, “Every time I put on the white coat, I stop for two minutes. … At that moment, I am a doctor of medicine. I carry continued on page 5