Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 25, Issue 3 - Page 2

GLMS News is a monthly publication of the Greater Louisville Medical Society 101 W. Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202 (502) 589-2001 Fax (502) 581-9022 www.glms.org. BOARD OF GOVERNORS’ HIGHLIGHTS MARCH 13, 2015 yy GLMS News reserves the right to make the final decision on content and advertisements. GLMS NEWS STAFF Lelan Woodmansee, CAE Executive Director [email protected] yy Bert T. Guinn, MBA, CAE Associate Executive Director [email protected] Kate Williams Communications Designer [email protected] Aaron Burch Communications Specialist [email protected] ADVERTISING: Cheri K. McGuire Director of Marketing [email protected] MEMBERSHIP STATUS As of February 2015, active GLMS membership numbered 2,006, which is 82 percent of physicians practicing in Jefferson County. View Additional Photos from GLMS Events: www.flickr.com/photos/glms1 Find Kudos about Member Achievements: www.glms.org. Click Media, then Kudos. Find us on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. yy Brian Sosnin, DO, chair of the GLMS Bylaws Committee which included Robert Zaring, MD, MMM, and Tracy Ragland, MD, presented potential bylaw changes recommended by the committee. “It’s been several years since the GLMS bylaws have been amended or revised,” said Dr. Sosnin. “We wanted to go through, clean things up and see if there’s anything that needs to be changed based on how GLMS works now.” The Board discussed several potential changes but will not take a vote until the next meeting, which convenes in May, to allow further revision if need be. GLMS President Bruce Scott, MD, is campaigning for vice-speaker of the American Medical Association with the election taking place in June. Dr. Scott would be the first vicespeaker elected from Kentucky. Although the AMA has had six past-presidents from GLMS, there have been none since 1979-80. “I think he’s a great candidate. However, he does have competition as there always is in the AMA. It’s going to be a tough campaign,” said KMA Exec. Vice President Patrick Padgett, noting KMA had contributed money to support his campaign. GLMS voted to do the same, unanimously pledging to contribute $5,000 and form a fundraising committee to further assist Dr. Scott. “The idea of having someone like Bruce as an officer in AMA is really exciting,” said Dr. Ragland. “I think many of us feel the AMA has kind of lost focus in representing practicing physicians. Bruce is very involved with the AMA, and he sees the potential of what can still be done.” Vice Chair of the Policy and Advocacy Team Frank Burns, MD, updated the board on the state of health care legislation in Frankfort. One bill, regarding medical orders for scope of treatment (MOST), has been signed into law. Bills regarding fair contracting and colorectal screenings are still on the table going into the final days of the session. Senate Bill 58 regarding Maintenance of Certification was tabled by the Senate and will likely not see a vote this session. A bill which would limit drug penalties for users who report a heroin overdose is still in play and could see legislation passed in the coming days. The GLMS P&A Team have worked night and day lobbying to see these health care laws passed, and have recently seen support from several Congressmen including Senator Ralph Alvarado, MD. Patrick Padgett praised the work of the GLMS P&A Team saying, “We’re on the offense. People are responding to us, and it’s great to have that momentum. That’s because of the work of you all (the P&A Team) and the doctors reaching out to these legislators.” yy Padgett also informed the Board that KMA would soon be issuing a membership survey regarding the ability of physicians to help patients meet the goals of Governor Steve Beshear’s kyhealthnow 2019 campaign. The goals include reducing the rates of smoking, obesity, cancer deaths, cardiovascular deaths and more. “We want to know what barriers exist on these different issues,” Padgett said. KMA will also host a strategic planning summit for UK and UofL medical students at their headquarters on April 4. yy Department of Public Health & Wellness Medica l Director Sarah Moyer, MD, reported 99 percent of Jefferson County 6th graders have been vaccinated for measles and said the health department is confident in that area. The state health department is also working to create an immunization registry which is expected to arrive this summer. Kentucky is currently the only state in the U.S. without an immunization registry. yy The Healing Place recently raised $158,000 during their Freedom Dinner. THP President Karyn Hascal updated the Board on THP’s capital campaign, which she said is going well and has currently raised $13 million of the $20 million needed for the new men’s campus. The Healing Place is also the first recipient of a new grant from the KMA Foundation for charitable organizations. The grant will help offset costs for salaries in THP’s fledgling outpatient department. “We are very honored to be the first recipients of the KMA Foundation’s grant,” said Hascal. yy The GLMS Alliance recently held a cocktail event for UofL med students. “We wanted to let them know we exist and we’re around to support them and their significant others. It was a nice night and really interesting. We hope they’ll continue to reach out with us as they go through residency and into practice,” said GLMSA Co-President Michelle Feger. GLMSA officers for 2015-2016 will be installed May 12th. yy The annual President’s Celebration will take place on Sunday, May 31. 3-5 p.m. at the Muhammad Ali Center. GLMS MISSION - Promote the science, art and profession of medicine; Protect the integrity of the patient-physician relationship; Advocate for the health and well-being of the community; Unite physicians regardless of practiceMARCHto 2 GLMS NEWS setting 2015 achieve these ends.