Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 25, Issue 3

News MARCH 2015 · VOLUME 25 & ISSUE 3 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY 2015 GLMS ELECTION - CAST YOUR VOTE ONLINE SEE PAGE 3 PRESIDENT-ELECT VICE PRESIDENT June 2015-May 2016 June 2015-May 2017 John Roberts, MD See bio on page 3 Robert Zaring, MD, MMM Frank Burns, MD June 2015-May 2016 AT-LARGE MEMBER JUDICIAL COUNCIL June 2015-May 2017 Erica Sutton, MD June 2015-May 2018 Wayne Tuckson, MD IN-TRAINING DELEGATES June 2015-May 2016 Johnathan E. Downing, MD Daniel Tyler Jackson, MD Catherine Mier, MD TREASURER Tezo Anto Karedan, MD Gregory Ciliberti, MD Julie Lee, MD J. Boswell Tabler, MD 2016 NOMINATING COMMITTEE (To elect 20, listed in random order) Erica Sutton, MD Deborah Ballard, MD Bennie Slucher, MD Paul Brown, MD James Patrick Murphy, MD, MMM Charity Burke, MD Brian Derhake, MD Russell Williams, MD Tadd Roberts, MD David Doering, MD Toni Ganzel, MD Gordon Tobin, MD Heather Harmon, MD Mahoney Cobb, MD Brian Sosnin, DO Thomas Harper, MD Stephen Kirzinger, MD Steven Howell, MD Monalisa Tailor, MD Sean Miller, MD Ricky Rowe, MD Casey Johnson, MD Erica Williams, MD U. Geetha Joseph, MD Jeffrey Goldberg, MD Robin Kindig, MD Information on how to cast your vote on page 3 A. O’tayo Lalude, MD Julie Lee, MD Shirley Meredith, MD Rosemary Ouseph, MD Todd Purkiss, MD, PhD Amy Quillo, MD Tracy Ragland, MD Brian Briscoe, MD Bernard Speevack, MD Brad Sutton, MD Wayne Tuckson, MD Jonathan Gambrell, MD Kathy Nieder, MD