Fleur-De-Lis Connection Volume 25, Issue 2

News FEBRUARY 2015 · VOLUME 25 & ISSUE 2 A MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE GREATER LOUISVILLE MEDICAL SOCIETY WHAT’S INSIDE Page 2 - Board of  Governors’ Highlights Page 2 - Surgery on Sunday Changes Page 3 -  rmy Offers A Paid Tuition to Med Students Page 5 - Louisville Physicians Take Health Mission to Nicaragua Page 7 -  LMS to Host G Medicaid MCO Roundtable VIEW THE 2015 GLMS PROPOSED BALLOT GLMS members have until Friday, Feb. 27, to review the proposed ballot of candidates for this year’s GLMS election and, if they desire, submit a petition to be added to the final ballot. The proposed ballot was developed by the 2014-2015 Nominating Committee and sent to voter-eligible members by e-mail on Feb. 1. Click here and login to view the proposed ballot. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance. Candidates are presented for the following offices: president-elect, vice president, treasurer, at-large board members, Judicial Council, KMA delegates, in-training delegates and the 2016 Nominating Committee. Terms begin in June. Any member not slated who desires to run for an office may submit a petition containing the valid Voting instructions for the online election will be provided in March. P&A TEAM HOSTS SUCCESSFUL LEGISLATIVE RECEPTION KMA PHYSICIANS’ DAY CANCELLED The GLMS Policy & Advocacy Team hosted a legislative reception at the U of L Shelby campus on Jan. 22, 2015. The KMA Physicians’ Day in Frankfort, originally scheduled for Feb. 18, 2015, was cancelled in its entirety due to inclement weather. The reception gave GLMS physicians the opportunity to meet face to face with state senators and representatives to discuss the legislative issues most affecting their practices today. Nearly a dozen Kentucky legislators visited the event including members of both parties. Consequently, our most effective approach for reaching the capitol will be phone calls to individual legislators via the legislative message line, 1-800-372-7181. For more information about the current status of our priority bills as well as the Jefferson County members of the committees considering them, visit www.glms.org/ Default.aspx?PageID=595. signatures of at least 199 active GLMS members to the GLMS offices no later than the end of the business day on Friday, Feb. 27. An official petition form is available here or you may call 502736-6338. (left to right) Mary Helen Davis, MD, GLMS President Bruce Scott, MD, and Frank Burns, MD, spoke to physicians and legislators at the GLMS Legislative Reception Although the 2015 legislative session is a short one, only 30 days, physicians and legislators both hope to make significant progress on several of the most pressing issues. GLMS President Bruce (continued on page 3)