Field Installation and Service Manual IMS126 - Page 5

Technique 2 - Replacing Missing Bumpers 3 T2.1 Bumpers are installed at the factory, however some of them are knocked off during the delivery and installation of the cabinets. There should be a bumper on each side of a drawer and at the top and bottom strike side of each door. 3 T2.2 If any of the bump- ers are missing, clean the area of any residue, chips or dirt. Peel a bumper from its backer sheet and press it firmly onto the area it is to mount. Technique 3 - Filling Open Interior Carcass Joints 3 T3.1 If an interior joint in the carcass opens up greater than 1/16”, the reason must be determined. Usually this is due to damage while the cabinet was being delivered, or the cabinet has been installed over a hump in the wall without proper shimming to keep it flat. Before proceeding with a repair, check that the joint is not loose and that the condition is locked in and will not get worse. Check that the doors and drawers on the cabinet can be adjusted correctly. If the joint is loose, or the doors will not adjust correctly, repair the cabinet joint before proceeding. Do Not Allow Caulking to Partially Cover an Adjacent Joint 126 3 T3.2 If the gap persists even though the joint is not flexible, apply an even bead of white adhesive caulk to the offending joint only and wipe away the excess. Do not allow the caulking to spread onto an adjacent joint. ©2017 PCS Profe ssional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 126 5