Field Installation and Service Manual IMS125 - Page 3

Removal and Reinstallation of a Door from its Mounting Removal or reinstallation of a door is simple and does not require tools. The hinge consists of two parts. The hinge itself mounts to the door, and the mounting plate mounts to the cabinet side. The two pieces snap together to hold a door onto a cabinet. Removing a door from a cabinet is simply a matter of separating the two hinge parts. To do this, push in the release plunger located on the back of the hinge. This will release the hinge from the plate, separating the door from the cabinet. Start with the bottom hinge of a door. This helps keeps the door stable while the second or third hinge is being disengaged. To reinstall a door, starting with the top hinge, align the hinge hooks on the back of the hinge with the front of the hinge plate and slide them into the plate. Then simply push the back of the hinge into the hinge plate. The catch will click into place. Hinge Removal and Reinstallation Mounting Plate Hinge Release Plunger To Remove a Mounted Hinge: Push the Release Plunger in from the Back of the Hinge The Hinge Will Disengage from the Mounting Plate To Remount a Hinge: Align and Insert the Hinge Hooks into the Front of the Mounting Plate Push the Back of the Hinge into the Plate Until it Clicks Hinge Hooks ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. 125 Section 1: IMS 125 3